Attract and retain athletes for life: using Wodify to grow your gym

Would you like to attract more athletes to your gym and retain 100% of your trials?  Relying on word-of-mouth alone won’t cut it.  Wodify’s built-in SMS and email campaigns help you bring more athletes to your gym and, more importantly, become members for life. Stop leaving money on the table.

As the market grows, many gym owners realize unique marketing is a must have for maintaining a steady stream of new prospects. Wodify’s SMS-Keyword feature allows our gyms to easily create and run a “text to” campaigns for free or paid trials.  After texting your unique keyword, prospects will automatically receive a message from your gym and you can instantly have a 2-way conversation to encourage a visit.

According to the Harvard Business Review, you are 7x more likely to have a meaningful conversation with a lead if you respond within an hour of their inquiry. Having the right tools is essential for capitalizing on every opportunity. First impressions are everything and there’s a very real chance they’re checking out more than one gym in your area. Your conversation will be tracked in Wodify so you will never lose track of an opportunity again.

Retain your members 3x longer.
The Leading Gym Software.

Now that new athletes are coming through the door…retention is key.  Many sources say it costs 4 to 10 times more to acquire new customers than to keep the ones you have. An athlete’s first month at your gym ultimately determines whether they will be a member for life…or think functional fitness isn’t for them. Making a personal connection with every new athlete sets the foundation for their success, and our automated “New Athlete Follow Up” email campaign allows you to effortlessly stay connected when it matters most.

Each new member will systematically receive four customized emails after their first class – allowing you the opportunity to check-in on how they’re feeling, provide them with vital information on rest, recovery, and nutrition, and welcome them to your community.   Providing useful and constant contact will set your gym apart from the crowd and reinforce their decision to be a member. You can further customize each template with images and other media to add visual interest and keep athletes engaged! Learn about all of the email templates already included in Wodify here.

Gym owners tell us that generating leads through our SMS feature and nurturing those relationships through email campaigns are essential to growing their business. CrossFit can be super intimidating for a new athlete, and making sure they stay motivated, healthy, and inspired is essential to making sure they stay on as a member for life.

By the way, the SMS feature can also be used to stay in touch with your existing members. Let athletes know about ad hoc WODs, schedule changes, or upcoming events. As always, SMS and email messaging are FREE features within Wodify.   

Spend less time marketing, and more time doing what you love. That’s a win-win.  

Oh, and leave some of the heavy-lifting to us. We can handle it.

Rhonda Ulrich

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