Behind the Numbers: How to Create a VIP Experience for Your Most Loyal Clients

Behind the Numbers: How to Create a VIP Experience for Your Most Loyal Clients

Behind the Numbers: How to Create a VIP Experience for Your Most Loyal Clients

Wodify is a leading all-in-one fitness management software, trusted by over 5,000 of the world’s top businesses. With one of the industry's largest & most accurate datasets, we decided to create this blog series to share specific metrics that are proven to drive results, insights from the most successful gyms, and how Wodify customers can track their progress. 


At Wodify, we understand that fitness business owners are passionate about fitness and coaching…not necessarily about business logistics. We're here to help! Our Custom Reporting feature allows you to create custom reports and visualizations tailored to your business needs. With Wodify, you access all the business data you need: financial, client information, memberships, lead management, performance tracking, and more.

In this "Behind the Numbers" series, we'll explore two Custom Reports that could benefit your Wodify-powered business, and offer you insights you hadn't considered before. 


The Committed Club 

Have you ever heard of the “Committed Club”? An exclusive status for your most committed clients, easily created through our custom reports! This report calculates all attendances (across classes and appointments) for each of your clients. A list of clients will be generated with at least 15 attendances in the previous month, granting them access to the exciting “Committed Club”.

Once this list is generated, you can celebrate your most engaged clients and encourage others to try to achieve this status. Whether you want to celebrate them in person, or with in-app announcements, giving them positive enforcement will continue to encourage their engagement. 

Take it one step further, and automate your congratulation emails for your committed club members! Our Workflow automations make this possible. 

One-Rep Maxes Over Time 

Tired of generic progress tracking? Wodify's Custom Reports take things a step further by revealing powerful metrics, for example: one-rep maxes (1RMs) over time. This report goes beyond attendance and dives deep into the heart of strength training – tracking your clients' raw power.

With this report, you can create a visual representation charting a client's back squat 1RM progress over weeks, months, or even years. This report paints a clear picture: strength gains, plateaus, breakthroughs, and personalized motivation. Show clients undeniable proof of their progress to fuel their motivation and desire to keep pushing their limits.

Together, you and your clients can use this report to set realistic goals, tailor workouts, and celebrate milestones. Wodify's "One-Rep Maxes Over Time" report isn't just data – it's a roadmap to unlocking your clients' full strength potential.

Wodify Customers! Instructions for Creating the Reports: 

Are you a Wodify customer who is ready to add these reports? Read on for instructions on how to do so! If you need more help, remember you can always schedule a call with our Customer Success team to guide you through it here. 

First step: open custom reporting (check out this help article)! 

Committed Club

  1. Select “Total Attendance” as the table (this table contains a record of all class and appointment attendances for every client
  2. Filter for “Previous Month” and where the “Status is Attended” (to ensure we don’t return reservations and no shows)
  3. Choose “Count” as the summarization (this will count the number of rows, i.e. attendances) and then group by “Name” (this will give total attendances for each client)
  4. Add a filter to the end to only show clients with at least 15 attendances last month

Calculated One-Rep Maxes Over Time

  1. Select “Performance Results” as the table (this table has a record of every performance result each client has logged using Wodify Perform)
  2. Create a custom column called “Calculated 1RM (1-rep max)”  (this column will use the Brzycki formula to estimate 1-rep maximums for every back squat recorded for the given client)
  3. Filter for “Back Squat” as the “Component” and select a “Client Name” to view one client’s results
  4. Use “Average of Calculated 1RM” as the summarization, then “Group” by "Result Date: Day” (to show these 1RM calculations over time)

The Impact on a Fitness Business Owner's Bottom Line:

Wodify's Custom Reports, like "Committed Club" and "One-Rep Maxes," empower you to ditch the guesswork in recognizing client dedication and cultivate a thriving gym community. Our reports create a culture of celebration, personalized goal-setting, and a VIP experience that fosters loyalty. But Wodify goes beyond data – it streamlines your operations with Workflows to automate tasks, like congratulatory emails for "Committed Club" members. Ensuring consistent communication and smooth business functions, all while reinforcing your community! With Wodify, you get a partner that frees you to focus on what matters most: building relationships and coaching your clients in a positive, high-energy environment!

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