BOTM: Deka CrossFit

[This discussion has been edited for length and clarity.]

In this month’s edition of Wodify’s “Box of the Month,” we head way up north to Blainville, Québec, Canada to talk with Maxime Dufault, ex-football pro and the co-owner/Head Coach of Deka CrossFit.

W: How did you transition from pro football into CrossFit?

MD: After 14 seasons playing football and one in the German Football League, I decided to stop and move on, but couldn’t find any motivation to get back to the gym because I had no more goals. In August, 2008, my wife came back from a class at CrossFit Dieppe and convinced me to try. I haven’t looked back since!

W: What made you decide to go from being an athlete to a CrossFit business owner?

MD: In 2009, we moved back to my hometown and friends came over on weekends to workout in my garage. Soon, neighbors became curious and joined us, so my friend Frederic Dancose and I decided to open a box nearby. I missed the everyday group motivation and also, we were convinced that it would work! Who doesn’t love CrossFit?

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W: What's the most rewarding part of the job?

MD: The most rewarding part of my job is being able to see how CrossFit is life-changing for our members. To see them smile and give them the best hour of their day is also gratifying.

W: Is there a success story about one of your athletes that you like to share to help new members overcome their fear of trying CrossFit?

MD: We have many beautiful stories about a lot of athletes. Here’s one that we are very proud of: The Lessard Family

W: What makes Deka CrossFit different from other boxes?

MD: Every move we make is for our members. We have knowledgeable, experienced and passionate coaches, and our facility is well equipped with rowers, assault runner, assault bike, plus we have all the goodies :)

W: What made you decide to use Wodify Core?

MD: We saw a demo at the Games in 2014. We were impressed by Wodify’s email follow-up settings for all situations as well as the ability for members to interact with each other through the app. We also liked the fact that it’s easy to use, for both members and admins.

W: Did you notice a change in how your athletes performed after beginning to see their results in Wodify Core?

MD: We have a better tracking now and athletes can really follow their progress.

W: What do you think is their favorite feature?

MD: The app itself, which makes it easy to sign in and cancel sessions.

W: How about yours?

MD: Well, there are many, but what we like the most is how fast Wodify fixes bugs and responds to our needs. They come up with a new feature almost every month, which makes our job easier and more effective. Thank you for that!

W: How has Wodify Core changed/helped your box?

MD: It has helped our box since we look really professional and we also have a better retention.

It’s definitely easier to follow all payments too.

W: Is there anything else you'd like to highlight about Deka CrossFit?

MD: Deka CrossFit is not only a really well-known box in Canada with an amazing community, but is also where six-time CrossFit Games veteran Michele Letendre created the Deka Comp programming. It’s online CrossFit programming for advanced/competitive crossfitters and boxes and also uses Wodify. We have over 20 gyms following our program and over 200 athletes (Patrick Vellner, Carol-Ann Reason-Thibault, Brandon Swan, Laura Horvat, to name a few.) We aim to unite our elite competitors with our regular members while still addressing the extra needs of a competitive/advanced athlete.

Thanks for reading about Three Kings CrossFit! 

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