Boxing Training for Beginners: How to Set Up New Members for Success

Boxing Training for Beginners: How to Set Up New Members for Success

Boxing Training for Beginners: How to Set Up New Members for Success

Looking to start boxing as a sport, fun exercise, or a way to find an outlet? 

Starting a new sport can be daunting if you don’t receive proper guidance and training, and you also expose yourself to the risk of injuries suffered due to a lack of expertise. 

If you’re a coach, trainer, or gym owner where boxing classes are offered, you likely want to be on top of your game to ensure the best start possible for those beginning their journey into boxing. 

How to start teaching boxing at your gym 

There are many factors to consider before starting boxing training at your gym, including cost, expertise, rules, and regulations, licensing, and more. 

It can be helpful to understand what offering boxing training means for your business. 

Adding boxing to the training module you offer can be as simplified or complex as you want, from a weekly meeting for boxing enthusiasts to full-fledged training sessions with proper equipment and trainers. 

But regardless of what you choose, you may want to start slow and expand once you’ve got more clients, and even offer one-on-one training, rent a space specifically for boxing, provide specialized boxing classes, and more. 

If you’re confused about whether or not training others in boxing is for you, aim to evaluate your level of interest, time, and commitment to the sport. If you have a personal interest in the sport, chances are you will enjoy operating a business and training center around it. Additionally, if you’re prepared to work long hours, learn marketing, and overall put a lot of effort into the success of your boxing gym, this may be a great option for you. 

While costs vary depending on size, location, skill, and more, an average equipped and busy gym would take anywhere between $10,000 to $50,000, excluding recurring costs like bills, rent, insurance, upgrades, and more. 

Of course, applying to and joining the expansion of a pre-existing franchise can be a good decision too, especially if you lack funds, or aren’t ready to make a full-time commitment. 


There are plenty of rules and regulations a gym needs to follow before offering boxing sessions, including trained professionals, licenses, safe to use equipment as well as safety equipment. 

Additionally, because boxing is a largely physical sport and can lead to injuries, waivers and contracts need to be signed for legal aid and protection of all - the gym, trainer, and trainee. 

Benefits to providing boxing classes 

Boxing has a large fan following not just because of the commercialization of the sport, but also the many benefits it provides to those who practice it. 


Boxing is a sport, but for many, it is a core exercise and workout. 

Defense, attack, punching, and more require effort and stamina and often are used as effective cardio routines by many gym enthusiasts. With skipping rope being one of the most popular stamina-building workouts in the boxing industry, it also helps boxers to lose fat and get a tight core. 

Punching a bag alone can burn more than 500 calories per hour. Additionally, boxing also helps build muscle with weights and strength training. Not to forget, that the sport engages both the upper and the lower body for power, ensuring adequate growth in all aspects of physical health.

Stress Release 

With more and more reasons to drown in worry and stress every single day, boxing provides a great outlet for stress reduction. It encourages many to take out their pent-up frustration and rage onto a punching bag and the rest of their workout. If you suffer from chronic stress or deal with anxiety as a barrier in your day-to-day activities, scheduling boxing sessions in advance can be a great way to reassure yourself that you’re going to feel better soon. Boxing also allows people to tap into their more energetic but patient side, which usually results in better decision-making and overall happiness. 


Boxing workouts are no joke, and once you find yourself in a routine, you will notice a discipline forming that is cemented on determination, resilience, tolerance, and personal growth. 

You can challenge yourself a lot with boxing workouts and push your boundaries both mentally and physically. Even on days when you fail to perform to the best of your abilities, it can serve as a great reminder that defeat is not just an essential part of boxing, but life. 


Many people ignore bone health while in the gym, but for those of you with a love for boxing, there is some good news. Punching a stationary object like a punching bag or pad forces your bones to mineralize, which strengthens them and also helps to prevent most major forms of arthritis. 

Confidence Booster

Engaging in a physically rigorous but positive activity helps you not just feel strong, but also confident of your body, posture, skills, and abilities. Whether this confidence arrives in the form of better physical self-esteem or general safety about yourself and your surroundings, boxing can definitely help you rise by several steps in all fields of life. 


As entertaining and liberating as boxing might be, one of the key and most practical uses for it is as a means of self-defense. 

If you worry about your safety or for those around you, your training in boxing can not only give you important insights into how to defend yourself but also allow you to feel safer and more confident in your ability to protect yourself. 

If you have a young child who wants to learn boxing but you suspect that the only outcome to that could be fist fighting in the streets; you could not be more wrong. Feeling secure often helps kids lead healthier and more independent lives. 

What you need to know before you get started 

There are several checkboxes you need to ensure you tick before offering classes. Here are some of the most important ones. 


With every boxing studio or gym, growth is often steady and you will add equipment only once you find it necessary. 

However, to draw clients towards your services such that they feel confident in putting their trust in you, you need a few essential pieces of equipment ready. These include:

  1. Hand Wraps 
  2. Gloves 
  3. Mouthguard
  4. Headgear 
  5. Boxing shoes 
  6. Heavy bag
  7. Speedbag 
  8. Jump rope 
  9. Boxing ring 


Either you have to train and be certified to be an eligible trainer, or hire trained professionals who know what they’re doing, have certificates to prove it, and have licenses that allow them to teach. 

Usually, to become a professional boxing trainer, you need to have years of experience behind you. Trainers are essential to your boxing journey to ensure that you’re on the right path and avoid sustaining injuries.  

Your first class

To start your first round of classes or coaching sessions, have a basic functional website set up and running for sign-ups, promote your slots on your social media, and put up posters physically as well as on any online forums in your locality. 

Tell your friends to spread the word, and take it from there. Ensure you have mats and boxing gloves as well as other safety equipment. Confidence in your skill and your material will translate into how your clients see you and will encourage most, if not all, to come back and take more sessions with you. This can give you your first set of return clients. 

How to encourage beginners to stick with training 

Provide classes to match difficulty levels and confidence 

By providing classes that match varying levels of difficulties, you open your space for boxing training to not just those who are deeply interested and invested in the sport already, but those who have had little to no exposure to boxing at all. This can help people feel more confident and less out of depth when trying something new. 

Include a variety of drills and conditioning exercises 

Not every type of muscle building and strength training is for everyone, and while some may prefer a specific routine of cardio to another, it is important to note that the same exercises do not invoke the same results in every person. 

Each body is different and how it reacts and works around different workout techniques is subjective. Expand your provided and accessible workout modes as much as possible to ensure that everyone enjoys their training and feels included. 

Create a positive energy that promotes learning and builds confidence 

Like any other sport, boxing involves and requires a strong mental presence which is bound to get impacted by competition, injury, and personal lives. 

It can be incredibly helpful for boxing trainers to provide an encouraging, motivating space that takes into account every client's growth, development, barriers, and circumstances. The more the clients feel understood, the more determined they are likely to be to excel in their training. 

Top boxing training tips for beginners 

The basic stance 

Considered to be the easiest attack and defensive stance for beginners, the basic boxing stance enables boxers to cover themselves well and involves a near-perfect division of distance between the toes of one foot and the heel of the other. 

Basic punches 

What most people take years to master is this: a punch is, quite honestly, the act of being relaxed until you have to accelerate your hand towards your target’s vulnerability. 

It can be important to practice breathing out and exhaling while impacting a punch to ensure maximum strength and core use. For a beginner, the most important thing to learn is how to use their entire body weight to pack a punch without falling due to a lack of balance. 


Conditioning plays a crucial role in boxing training, helping to ensure that participants have the strength, stamina, and agility to perform well in the ring. Incorporating conditioning into your workout can make all the difference!

Need a hand getting started?

If you haven’t gathered already, boxing can aid your life in several areas and give you strength, confidence, and mental peace. Reach out to Wodify to know more about your boxing as well as your gym’s journey and how we can help! 

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