Coming Soon to Wodify Core: Zapier Integration

This fall, Wodify Core will be launching a new integration with Zapier, the web tool that creates and automates workflows between the apps you use most from a single location. For Wodify Core users, this means you’ll save tons of time on tasks that normally sink your productivity.

We know that some people are just more comfortable around technology than others. With Zapier, it’s a non-issue. Zapier was designed to help all customers easily automate their most routine tasks without the need for:

  • Coding experience
  • Web developers
  • Money, because many apps are free to use

If you can point and click, you’re in the driver’s seat.

Box management made simple.
The all-in-one affiliate software.

With Zapier, you’ll be able to skip out of a ton of busywork by creating “Zaps” that complete repetitive tasks like data entry for you. Zaps are workflows that consist of “triggers” and “actions.” Assigning a trigger in one app prompts an action in another.

For example, Wodify Core is currently working on a Zap that automatically creates new leads in our app as soon as those leads have been added to a gym’s CRM system. This will eliminate the need to perform that task twice. It’s just one of the  Zaps we’ll be testing, and we look forward to discovering more creative ideas from the fitness community in the months to come.

Zapier works with more than 750 popular apps, including highly requested management platforms like Mailchimp, Calldrip and Infusionsoft. With Wodify Core on board, our customers will soon find their administrative tasks will become a lot more efficient. Our beta test is going on now, so keep an eye out for upcoming information about this exciting development from Wodify Core.

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