Continuing Education Part 1: CrossFit Edition

Continuing Education Part 1: CrossFit Edition

Continuing Education Part 1: CrossFit Edition

The health and fitness world is continuously evolving, but is your staff? As a CrossFit Box owner, the heart of your success lies in your coaches and staff. We’ve listed 3 reasons why it is important for you and your staff to learn more about the industry you are passionate about.

Fitness Is Ever-Evolving

If you’ve been in the fitness industry for over a couple of years, you probably heard it all. 

“Squatting is bad for your knees.

It’s healthy to test your range of motion by training your knees over your toes. 

The chest must stay upright. 

The chest may dip in a squat depending on the ball and socket joint and the length of the femur.”  The list goes on and on. 

It’s important as a fitness professional to have all information and therefore be able to create a more tailored experience for your members.

Broader Range of Clients

The more concentrations of fitness you have across your staff, the more people you are going to reach. Do you have a coach that specializes in gymnastics? You just clinched a client who is a former gymnast looking to get upside down and on the rings. Does your staff include a certified CrossFit Kids instructor? You just opened up an entirely new selection of classes to offer. Plenty of CrossFitters love spending extra time on weightlifting so, with a staff member who is certified, you’re able to hold workshops and more concentrated sessions. 

More workshops, clients, and classes = more revenue.

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Untapped Potential

You hired the members of your staff for a reason. They are professionally trained fitness individuals who have a passion for helping others. But do you really know all of the strengths and weaknesses? Continuing education can help broaden the knowledge of your staff, but it can also unearth potential that you (or even they!) didn’t realize they hold. You could have a coach who is so good at dialing in and spotting faults in someone’s lifts, but if they don’t know how to recognize those faults or communicate them to your members, you are allowing the potential to fly out the door. 

Lock down the education and lock down those long-time staff members.

We’ve covered the “why” for continuing education for CrossFit, but what about the “how”? CrossFit, Inc. offers both online and in-person courses to raise the bar(bell) for your coaching staff. Take a look below and get your staff signed up, today!

The Basics

CrossFit Level 1

The Level 1 Certificate Course is an introduction to CrossFit's methodology and foundational movements.

CrossFit Level 2

The Level 2 Certificate Course is an intermediate-level seminar that builds on the concepts and movements introduced at the Level 1 certificate course. 

Online Courses 

CrossFit Kids

The online CrossFit Kids Certificate Course provides specific methods for teaching CrossFit to children and adolescents.

Specialty Course Educators 

The CrossFit Educators course is a live and interactive webinar that provides safe, effective, and age-appropriate methods for teaching CrossFit (i.e., physical activity that also improves cognitive health) to students between the ages of 4 and 12.

Online Level 1

The online Level 1 Course is a temporary offering, developed in response to global constraints related to COVID-19.

Coaching The Aging Athlete

The Coaching the Aging Athlete Course (formerly known as the CrossFit Masters course) presents practical methods for applying CrossFit to an aging population, taking into account how age, fitness, goals, and injury state interact to create different coaching challenges and scenarios.


The CrossFit Programming Course introduces the fundamental skills needed to create CrossFit workouts, design a basic program, and evaluate its effectiveness. 


Learn why and how dumbbells will be a valuable addition to your training.


The Anatomy Course provides information on basic anatomical terms, and offers an introduction to the structure and mechanics of the major joints of the human body.

Spot the Flaw 

Develop the ability to analyze commonly used movements, including weightlifting, gymnastics, and monostructural modalities. 

Scaling Course

The Scaling Course reinforces the skills a CrossFit trainer will use when modifying workouts for their athletes.

Lesson Planning 

The Lesson Planning Course introduces and improves the skills necessary to accurately plan a lesson for CrossFit group-training sessions. 


The Running Course is designed for anyone looking to learn and improve their basic running technique.


The CrossFit Judges Course offers an introduction to the skills the CrossFit Judge will use during any competition.

Specialty Courses 


This interactive two-day course covers basic, intermediate and advanced gymnastics movements in a lecture setting, with practical application following as participants and coaches perform all presented movements.


Two days are spent detailing each lift (snatch on Day 1, clean and jerk on Day 2). The focus is on participants experiencing the basic positions and learning the foundational teaching points for instructing others to achieve them.

Aerobic Capacity 

The Aerobic Capacity Course is appropriate for all CrossFit populations ranging from the day-to-day CrossFitter to the competitive CrossFit athlete looking to create a more robust and efficient aerobic system.

CrossFit also now suggests different third-party continuing education courses which you can check out here by scrolling to the bottom of the page!

Are you ready to empower your coaches and staff even more with technology to customize and automate members’ experiences? Book a one-on-one demo today!

Did one of your coaches just finish a course and is ready to bring a whole wealth of knowledge back to your box? Make sure you can utilize videos within the workout builder to give your members a preview of new tips and tricks!

Want the 411? Make sure you and your admins are opted in to receive software updates from Wodify! Text WODIFY to 844-418-8438 to subscribe!

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