Box of the Month: Crossfit 321

CrossFit 321, winners of our NorthEast regionals Wodify giveaway, launched Wodify June 21, 2012. They are setup with two 55 inch TVs mounted in their gym for athletes to log their results. We asked Shawn Thiboutot, CrossFit 321 box owner, how they use Wodify in their box and how it has impacted coaches and athletes.

1. How was Wodify received in your box by your athletes/coaches?

Everyone loves it! Our members have always been great when it comes to recording their scores, so this was a very smooth transition. We started right in the second it was installed. Our members look forward to staying updated though out the day.

2. How did you drive adoption and encourage users to log their results?

Our athletes were already “conditioned” to record their scores so the transition was very easy. It is mandatory that every athlete signs-in. Our coaches will ask every member to sign-in to Wodify before class begins. It is actually less work for them because they only have to record their score. They don’t have to write down the workout, just their results, our coaches and Wodify do the rest.

3. What would you say to people who thought technology does not belong in a box?

First the program is very easy to use. The people at Wodify are willing to listen and work with affiliates to improve the software making it even better for coaches and gym owners. Our members spend much less time logging-in their workouts, because the wods are already in the system.

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4. How has Wodify changed your box?

It has brought our members closer together (who thought that was possible). You still feel like you are part of the action even if you are at home or at work when you check in on the leader board throughout the day. The phone app is great! Our morning members love it! They can see where they stand at the end of the day. We would always post our top five men and women for everyone to see the next day, but now our members can see how they place, even if it is 67th.

5. How has Wodify changed you personal day to day?

It has helped our coaches and myself remember new athlete names. I am not involved in coaching the Beginner’s/fundamental class as much at this time so it has been hard remembering all the new faces. Now we can look at the coach board to see the names and faces of everyone in class. This has been a great feature.

6. Do you see you see your athletes pushing harder? Striving to Rx more often? Making gains more often? If so, how? Can you give examples?

Our athletes have always pushed hard. I do see it being more motivating to the “middle of the pack” athletes. They can compete against others at the same level for 10 th-20thplace. Having a leaderboard for everyone rather than the top five keeps everyone involved and motivated.

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