4 ways gym management software helps athletes compete in the CrossFit Open

CrossFit Open: How gym management software helps athletes compete

4 ways gym management software helps athletes compete in the CrossFit Open

There’s nothing like the CrossFit Open. Millions of people do CrossFit every day, and Open season gives them a chance to compete with like-minded athletes throughout the world. It’s one of the biggest community-building events in the CrossFit world and something we look forward to every year at Wodify.

If your box participates in the CrossFit Open, you can use your gym management software to help your athletes reach their peak performance — and maybe even push them to the CrossFit Regionals!

Here’s how gym software can help your athletes compete at their highest level during the 2018 CrossFit Open and beyond.

1. It collects data that helps athletes get stronger

The best way to make real progress in the CrossFit Open is to track results for every workout. This helps athletes understand their past and present performance so they can make a plan for moving forward.

Luckily, gym management software like Wodify comes with performance tracking, which allows athletes to keep meticulous records of their CrossFit Open workouts. With this data, athletes can easily track their progress and work towards their next PR.

2. It keeps records that athletes can access anywhere

Understanding how your numbers stack up against other athletes competing in the CrossFit Open is a great way of setting reasonable goals for yourself. Plus, anyone that’s serious about CrossFit knows that keeping detailed records of past performance is essential to growth.

By allowing athletes to log their performance in an app, gym management software eliminates the possibility that records get lost or put out of sequence. That is one of the way that using fitness software benefits gym members during the CrossFit Open.

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3. It creates friendly competition in the gym

When gym management software comes with a leaderboard, athletes can easily compare their workout results to their box buddies’. This  creates competition throughout the CrossFit Open and encourages athletes to push themselves harder.

Working out in a vacuum is fine, but community and competition are huge aspects of the CrossFit world.  With the leaderboard, athletes can push themselves to make improvements and connect with their community.

4. It makes communicating fast and easy

Communicating during the CrossFit Open can be a hassle if you don’t have the right tools. Luckily, gym management software comes with marketing and communication tools that make it easy to publicize workouts, happy hours and other events related to the Open.

Happy open season!

The CrossFit Open is a great opportunity to build community inside the gym and out. Whether this is your first time competing or your tenth, Wodify wishes you and your box the best of luck during the 2018 Open season.

Thanks for reading this post! Check out our blog for more gym management tips and tricks.

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