CrossFit Sanitas: A Staple in CrossFit & Boulder, Colorado

CrossFit Sanitas: A Staple in CrossFit & Boulder, Colorado

CrossFit Sanitas: A Staple in CrossFit & Boulder, Colorado

CrossFit Sanitas has been a staple in the CrossFit Industry since 2013. They have made it their mission to help every individual that walks through their 10,000 square foot facility, but they don’t stop there. They continually give back to their community in every way that they can.

CrossFit Sanitas offers over 60 classes per week ranging from CrossFit Classes, Gymnastics, Endurance, Competitor Classes, and many more. If you’re not in Boulder, Colorado, you can even check out their at home programming! There’s really no excuse!

Check out what Melissa Roza from CrossFit Sanitas has to say about how they started, where they are today, and how Wodify helped them get there. 

Q: When did CrossFit Sanitas open?

A: On January 1, 2013, we opened in an old Gymboree children’s space while we were finishing our permanent space. I remember doing the “Filthy 50” in that small space with way too many athletes. It was so chaotic, but so much fun. Everyone loved it!


Q: Why did you open CrossFit Sanitas?

A: [Co-founder], Eric Roza had started CrossFit a couple years prior and was definitely obsessed....driving me (and anyone else that would listen) nuts with a full recount of his daily workout. I had been primarily a runner, but after the birth of our twins (our 3rd and 4th kids), I needed something that was more efficient at getting me back in shape. I was hooked after my first workout. At the time, CrossFit had a more intimidating reputation and I wanted to open a CrossFit that was closer to home, with a focus on welcoming anyone, no matter what their fitness background. Sanitas has touched so many lives in Boulder, and was crucial for the mental and physical health of so many members during the pandemic.  


Q: How did you pick the name CrossFit Sanitas?

A: The Mt. Sanitas hike in Boulder, is one of my favorite hikes. When I looked up the definition of Sanitas, I knew it was the perfect name for a CrossFit gym. In Latin, Sanitas stands for:

  1. Health: soundness of body
  2. Sanity: soundness of mind
  3. Style: correctness of form
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Q: How many members does CrossFit Sanitas have?

A: We currently have 230 members, which is still significantly down from our membership pre-COVID. However, things are finally starting to turn around and we’ve seen a big spike in members on hold coming back in, and also in new interest from people that have never tried CrossFit. 


Q: How many years has CrossFit Sanitas used Wodify?

A: Since 2015. 


Q: What has been the greatest solution Wodify has brought to your business?

A: Wodify allows us to have one platform that manages everything, including performance tracking for our members. Wodify also solved our reporting issues. With [our previous software], the numbers never seemed to match up so it was difficult to gauge how we were doing. There were also some significant hidden fees in the payment processing we were using. 


Q: Can you share with us what your favorite WOD or movement is?

A: My favorite workouts include some combination of front squats, lunges and sit ups. My favorite strength movement is the back squat.


Q: What is a favorite recent memory from CrossFit Sanitas?

A: Last weekend a member had come back for her first workout since COVID hit. It was a long one with lots of running, several AMRAPs, more running and ended with 30 burpees. She ran back in to finish her last 30 burpees kind of dragging. A bunch of members followed her in and wouldn’t let her quit. They all wanted to support her and did another round of 30 burpees by her side. 


Q: Do you have a favorite quote/words of wisdom you share often? 

A: ”Somebody should tell us, right at the start of our lives, that we are dying. Then we might live life to the limit, every minute of every day. Do it! I say. Whatever you want to do, do it now! There are only so many tomorrows.” ~ Pope Paul VI 


Be sure to give CrossFit Sanitas a follow on Instagram and drop-in next time you’re in the Boulder area!

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