Customer Spotlight: The Platform Online Programming

Update: The Platform is currently offering their Functional Fitness program for FREE during the Coronavirus pandemic. Sign up here →

What happens when a team with 30+ years of combined experience coaching athletes of all levels and owning Affiliates, decides to bring their programming to the masses? Introducing: The Platform. An online program that offers 6 unique training programs designed by specialist coaches and accessible to anyone, anywhere. 

The Platform is the brainchild of Rupert McGowan-Kemp, James Smith, and their team of passionate coaches, who wanted to expand their reach and positive influence outside of their physical gym. In short, the pitch is - fun programs that are sustainable over the long-term, accessible to all ability levels, and designed around evidence based training principles.

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We asked McGowan-Kemp what sets The Platform apart from other online programming options:

“At The Platform our mission is to deliver life changing fitness for everyone, everywhere. We do not focus on the high-end athlete, which there are plenty of options for, however we do deliver the same attention to detail approach. We provide the everyday athlete with evidence based programming based on safe and effective movements and methodologies. Our programmes are sustainable – meaning we want our athletes to develop long-term goals and focus on quantifiable improvement, rather than overtraining and burnout. We focus heavily on the basics; squatting, lunging, hinging, pressing, pulling, twists and jumping – the fundamentals of human movement.”

After using Wodify Core to run CrossFit Nottingham, McGowan-Kemp is finding a new way to leverage the WOD-building, performance tracking, and social features to grow a strong & engaged online community.

Here’s a breakdown of the 6 programs offered through The Platform:

Platform Functional Fitness
Move well, get fit, build strength. Build athletic performance across every domain.

Platform High Intensity.
Work hard, recover fast, get fit. Pair up or work against the clock. Simple, effective workouts, each designed to push your work capacity.

Platform Functional Hypertrophy.
Bigger, better muscles. Build muscle without sacrificing athletic performance.

Platform Gymnastics.
Skill, strength and control. Unlock new movements and build a strong foundation of stability, mobility and body weight strength. 

Platform Strength and Power. Build strength, move fast. Coming soon
Develop technique, strength and power for powerlifting and Olympic weightlifting. Hit heavier maxes and cycle heavier loads in workouts.

Platform Endurance. Build an engine. Coming soon
Build endurance for fitness challenges at longer time modalities.

How’s that for a variety of programs to suit different athlete goals and skill levels? 

Here’s what McGowan-Kemp had to say for athletes considering their programs:

For people who are interested, but not sure what program to start with, what would you recommend?

“We recommend that our members start with the PC – ‘Functional Fitness’ programme. This programme contains elements from all of our focused programmes, blending strength & conditioning together into time-efficient, effective sessions. We want our athletes to see steady progress across the board, the functional fitness programme is designed to achieve that. If an athlete then decides they want to focus on one specific element of fitness, the targeted programmes are there to provide guidance on that journey.”

What type of equipment do people need to get started with The Platform?

“Accessibility is one of our core values and as such, the programmes are written to reflect this. Our functional fitness programme is designed to be performed inside any type of gym or modestly equipped home gym environment, ideally with access to a barbell and plates, and 2-3 kettlebells or dumbbells varying in weight. A pull up bar or TRX system would be a bonus. The targeted programmes vary in the kit they require, for example the endurance programme requires a row, ski or bike erg and the gymnastics programmes requires low hung gymnastics rings.

At this very moment in time since we are all living in isolation due to COVID-19, we have written the functional
fitness programme to be performed at home with minimal to no equipment. Most of the movements and exercises can be performed simply with your own bodyweight. If you have access to any type of exterior load, a kettlebell, or even a rucksack filled with cans of food, these can be used to add intensity to the sessions, but are not required. Similarly, the gymnastics and FHT programmes have been adapted to be achievable at home. Two of our programmes that require a gym environment (strength & endurance) are offline until further notice.”

You can learn more about all of the programs on The Platform and get started by visiting their website and don’t forget to keep up with them on Instagram!

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