Functional Fitness for Kids & Teens with Michele Letendre

Functional Fitness for Kids & Teens with Michele Letendre

Functional Fitness for Kids & Teens with Michele Letendre

Michele Letendre is the definition of “Girl Boss”. 

Not only is she the founder of Deka Comp and the co-owner of Deka Gym, she also recently dove headfirst into the world of Kids & Teen fitness. The launch of this new program is designed specifically for two separate age groups (6-10 & 11-15 years old), aimed to get them up and moving five days a week.

Pro Tip: Do you have families at your gym that have kids doing virtual school and/or cancelled sports leagues? This program is a perfect way to start offering fitness classes so kids are not missing out on physical activity!

So where do we come in? Deka Kids is available for seamless integration with your Wodify account, via The WOD Marketplace. With all the workouts and coaching notes included, it’s never been easier to launch your Youth Program.

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Check out what Michele had to say about creating this program!

Q: What made you want to create a kids program?

A: There are so many reasons why I wanted to start this program. Our goal at Deka Comp is to be more than a programming company. We want to create partnerships with our Deka Comp Box community and provide them with everything they need to work their way towards success. Our kids program led by Carianne Meti at Deka in Blainville, QC has been a huge part of our success for over 6 years so it was a no-brainer to include Deka Kids in our programming services. I understand how important programming is to our communities, but I also know how time consuming it can be, especially to stay creative. Providing gym owners with Kids programming can help those who already have a program, but struggle with the time they spend writing the workouts OR they can help those who’ve always wanted to launch their program and weren’t sure how to write the workouts. 

Q: Would you say it’s necessary to have someone run the program with a childhood education background, like Carianne has? 

A: No, it is not necessary. The most important element in a kids program is the enthusiasm of a coach. Your kids’ coaches have to genuinely love being with and teaching kids. Understanding how to organize and motivate kids is always important but perfection is not necessary.

Q: What drives the program more – fun or fitness? 

A: In my opinion, both elements are of equal importance. Some kids, especially on the older side, may be there to give them an edge in their sports. Others may be there to lose weight, but no one is there to have a bad time including the coach so a healthy dose of both fun and fitness is necessary. Above anything, we want our members, kids or adults to stay with us in the gym so understanding what makes each of the kids tick and giving them what they need is key.

Q: Best advice for someone that wants to start a kids/teen program at their gym? 

A: The biggest piece of advice, and this is coming straight from Carianne: be organized. Details for the classes should be set-up and ready to go for the class to start. Registering the kids, getting them set up in their stations, and all the extra equipment should be out and set. Coaches should get to know the kids well enough that when they see who is signed up, they already have the right modifications for the workout. If you’re organized, things run smoothly and parents feel that their kids are in a professional and organized environment and everyone is happy including the kids!

Head to WOD Marketplace now to sign up for Deka Kids or check out all the other programming options Deka Comp has to offer!

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