Fundraising for Veterans with Team Shut Up & Row

Fundraising for Veterans with Team Shut Up & Row

Fundraising for Veterans with Team Shut Up & Row

This upcoming Veterans Day, on November 11-13, 2022, Team Shut Up & Row (SU&R) is launching a fundraising event in partnership with Wodify. This is a great opportunity to come together as a community, honor our Veterans and support the efforts of Team SU&R during the Talisker Whisky Atlantic Challenge. The goal of this fundraiser is to see how many times, we could collectively row across the Atlantic Ocean, which is roughly 5.3 million meters.  

Participate by sharing your distance

How can you participate in adding your distance to help Team SU&R hit its distance goal? Simply row some meters for three days, log your distance daily in the Wodify App, and we’ll will do the tracking for you! Our bottom line target is 1500 people rowing 1500m a day!

To participate visit the TSU&R donation page powered by Wodify and select your donation amount & payment information. You’ll receive an email confirmation with a link to complete your registration, and then, scan the QR code to automatically download the app and log in. You can follow the step-by-step instructions in this video

All participants will be entered to randomly win gifts and prizes. Sign-up now!

Support Team Shut Up & Row 

If you want to support them without rowing you can donate to help them tackle the Talisker Whiskey Atlantic Challenge. In this extreme series of endurance races, individuals from across the globe gather annually to test themselves against Mother Nature and compete to row a boat - across the Atlantic Ocean. 5.3 million meters is the rough estimate it will take them to travel from La Gomera, Spain to Antigua, BVI. 

Once Team SU&R reaches the administrative expense of accomplishing the Atlantic crossing all additional money received will be used by the Big Fish Foundation and their efforts to strengthen the Veteran community to combat suicide. The Big Fish Foundation has a mission to enhance Veteran’s lives by reconnecting them to fundamental principles of service in order to reemphasize accountability towards each other through a shared common purpose in a campaign to improve psychological wellness, effectively manage post-traumatic/combat stress, and prevent suicide.

Meet the team brave enough to tackle the challenge 

You may ask why someone would do this, but they said “Because it's there, it's daunting, & we are wired for adventure; hard work provides essential purpose.” They plan to tackle this challenge with the greatest of efforts, leaving nothing left to give while we search for our physical, psychological, & spiritual limitations.

They are a collection of men brought together by their thirst for adventure, challenge, hardship, and constant pursuit to define the margins of our capabilities. They are also Veterans. The men rowing this boat are also known as (shown above left to right) Brian Chontosh (Mindset Ninja), Brian Nicholson (Team Captain), James Hein (Power / Work Horse), and Chris Smith (Chief Motivator).

Through this experience, Team Shut Up & Row hopes to inspire fellow Veterans to chase the unimaginable, seek to rise through occasions of hardship & struggle, and explore the possibilities.

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