Going Behind the Lens with BK Sports Photography

Going Behind the Lens with BK Sports Photography

Going Behind the Lens with BK Sports Photography

We see the photos on social media of athletes absolutely crushing it at CrossFit events, but what goes on behind the lens to get those shots? We caught up with Brandon Kessler of BK Sports Photography just in time for the 2022 NoBull CrossFit Games. A fellow affiliate owner, he talks about his history with CrossFit, qualifying for an event just to take pictures, and advice to anyone wanting to break into the camera scene of the sport. 

Q: How did you get into photography?

A: I had always wanted a camera and decided to purchase it for my 10-year sobriety anniversary and around the same time the media person from my gym was going back to school so I started taking pictures at my affiliate to promote.

Q: How long have you been photographing and taking pictures of athletes?

A: 3 years.

Q: What led you into sports photography specifically?

A: I always loved wildlife photography and when I stopped competing in CrossFit, I swore I would never shoot CrossFit all the time, but one thing lead to another and here I am.

Q: Are you a CrossFitter yourself?

A: Yes, I have been doing CrossFit since 2011 and have been an affiliate owner since 2012. 

Q: Who has been your favorite athlete to take pictures of?

A: I always love taking pictures of Noah [Ohlsen] and Chandler [Smith]

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Q: Do you get to interact a lot with the athletes or are you more on the sidelines?

A: I know a lot of the athletes personally both from just being in the space for a long time and from photography.

Q: What memory stands out the most from photographing CrossFit competitions?

A: I qualified for Wodapalooza in 2020 and used my athlete credentials to sneak in my camera gear to take photos instead of competing. 

Q: What is your favorite part of being immersed in the CrossFit community?

A: I love the support and never-ending challenges it brings. Everyone on the media site of CrossFit is amazing and they all have taught me so much over the last few years. I’ve been very blessed to have met the people I have. 

Q: Do you have a favorite CrossFit shot you remember taking?

A: I love this shot of Noah doing GHD from this year’s MACC [Mid-Atlantic CrossFit Challenge].

Q: Any advice for a fellow photographer looking to break into the CrossFit scene?

A: Network, network, and network. Don’t be afraid to reach out and ask a ton of questions. If anyone is looking to know more they can always message me. It’s the least I can do to give back since so many others did it for me.

Let us know your thoughts on social media and tag us @wodify. Be sure to follow Brandon Kessler on Instagram @bksports_photography!

If you’re in the Havre De Grace, MD area, be sure to drop into Brandon’s affiliate, Iron Force Fitness!

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