How to Avoid Fitness Burnout

How to Avoid Fitness Burnout

How to Avoid Fitness Burnout

Ever heard of fitness burnout? It’s similar to workplace burnout, but instead, regarding your ability to effectively exercise. Fitness burnout can cause your body to break down, causing injury. It can also cause your mind to spiral. 

When you’re experiencing fitness burnout, you absolutely dread working out.

Don’t worry, you won’t feel like this forever. We have 5 tips to help you avoid or get rid of fitness burnout:

1. Do what you love

The #1, most important, absolutely essential tip is to find a workout that you love. Many gyms or studios offer free classes or day passes, so we suggest taking advantage of those and then deciding which of those types of classes or gym experiences made you the happiest, got your blood pumping, and felt the most sustainable for your body.

Pro Tip: In other words, which of those experiences gave you the “whole body YES” feeling? If it’s a maybe, ditch it, or else you’ll experience fitness burnout soon enough.

2. Add in recreational activities

Most sources advise to “switch it up” as a tip for avoiding fitness burnout, but in this modern age, this simply isn’t realistic. Most people don’t have the budget to hop from a boutique fitness studio ($35/class) to a boutique yoga studio ($30/class) to a personal training session ($175/hour). 

Instead, add recreational activities to your routine like biking, hiking, walking, running, tennis, or an intramural sports league! This is a great way to get great exercise, mix up your workouts, and listen to your own music (didn’t think of that one did ya)! 

3. Warm-up & cool down

As we said earlier, adding in at least 5 minutes for warm-up & cool-down is crucial for the health of your body. Not preparing your body properly for workouts leads to a much higher risk of injury, therefore, leading to fitness burnout much faster.

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4. Bring a friend

Fitness burnout can affect our minds as well as our bodies. A symptom of fitness burnout is feeling bored with the workout and unmotivated. By bringing a friend to your gym or fitness class you will add a social & fun dynamic that will potentially give your mind & body an adrenaline and endorphin boost!

Who knows, maybe they’ll even sign up to your gym or studio and be your permanent buddy?!

5. Record your performance results or journal

Finally, recording your performance results or journaling after each class or session can provide you with a roadmap of your progress over time. This can increase your dopamine levels and your feeling of accomplishment in that moment and over time.

If your gym or studio doesn’t use a system like Wodify Perform, then you can take notes on your phone or in a journal on your workout performance or how you feel after your workout.

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