How to Be the Best Krav Maga Training Coach

How to Be the Best Krav Maga Training Coach

How to Be the Best Krav Maga Training Coach

People often seek mental and physical fitness through mixed martial arts, and Krav Maga is becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

Krav Maga is a self-defense system that almost anyone can use with the right training -- regardless of size, strength, or fitness level. 

The martial art teaches discipline in training while emphasizing de-escalating the fight at hand. In the increasingly violent world, it can be a good idea to offer Krav Maga training at your gym, or better yet, become a Krav Maga coach yourself. 

Benefits of Krav Maga for students and coaches alike

Military-level self-defense training

The first and key benefit of Krav Maga is the immense focus it places on self-defense as a skill for genuine safety and reducing chances of harm and injury. 

Krav Maga helps with the development of something known as situational awareness. Linked to a core survival mindset taught to those in the military, this skill enables those trained in martial art to be ready for danger at any time when needed. 

One of the easiest ways to get started with this is through checking the news, tuning in to neighborhood watches, and gaining an overall understanding of crime rates and types in the regions you frequent. 

Gaining an increased understanding of risk and its relation to a given environment can be a great skill to hone alongside your MMA training. 

Increased mental resilience 

The confidence that comes with being situationally aware teams up with the mental health boost you can get from physical training for Krav Maga, helping you -- and your students -- to increase your emotional resilience.

Typically, training in any mixed martial art, such as Krav Maga, requires discipline, rigor, and determination. 

Whether it’s tuning in to your surroundings or the physically exhausting training, MMA techniques can help build the mental and physical resilience required to tackle life’s challenges. The feeling of being secure can be invaluable.

Improved stamina, agility, and physical strength 

Perhaps the most obvious benefit of training in Krav Maga is an improvement in your health, physique, and fitness. 

Training in this mixed martial art may get you in the best shape you’ve ever been in and even help you reach your health goals, including improved muscle tone, increased strength, or even weight loss. 

One of Krav Maga’s core principles is to believe in safety and strength, so while the day-to-day use of the art may encourage self-defense only when needed, training has to be conducted keeping the most difficult challenges possible in mind. 

Training can be tough, and that is partly to ensure that strength and agility are conditioned properly. With sustained pressure and consistent effort from a good coach, a student can learn the art of Krav Maga while seeing amazing physical changes in their body. 

Moreover, Krav Maga training also helps tremendously with flexibility, in addition to boosting the metabolism, burning calories, and building stamina. It also helps improve joint strength, muscle endurance, and bone strength. Regularly working out keeps many diseases and organ failure issues at bay.

How to be the best Krav Maga training coach 

A Krav Maga training coach is not just an instructor, trainer, or teacher, but a partner through every single trainee’s journey to learn the martial art form. 

The aim is to help each student reach their maximum potential in the self-defense system while accomplishing any additional goals they might have had in terms of physical and mental training. 

But perhaps most importantly, a good coach understands that each trainee is different and may need distinct approaches when it comes to being taught an art form as old and intricate as Krav Maga. 

If you’re ready to start training Krav Maga, you may want to pay attention to the following tips: 

Invest in training yourself before training others

Before you begin teaching Krav Maga classes, it’s important to ensure that you have received the necessary training -- and reached the necessary skill level -- required to teach others in the art. 

Whether this takes the form of official certification or committing to undertaking a training course that equips you with the skills needed to teach Krav Maga to others, it’s important to ensure that you are suitably prepared for the challenges of teaching others. 

In addition to the technical skills that relate to Krav Maga itself, it can also be useful to gain an understanding of the different ways that students learn, and how to cater drills and exercises to their specific needs. Patience and a lack of judgment can also be beneficial skills for a Krav Maga instructor to work on cultivating. 

Commit to lifelong learning 

One of the coolest aspects of being any kind of coach or teacher is the ability to learn every single day, whether while teaching other people or coming across a new perspective in coaching. 

To become a strong and good Krav Maga coach, you may want to be open to making mistakes, learning continuously, and not looking down on others who seem to know less than you. 

Part of this lifelong training is keeping updated with all the new drills, training equipment, legalities about practicing, and the trends of the popularity of Krav Maga. 

Flexible thinking 

As a coach, understanding that each potential student is different and needs to be approached in their unique way to impact their learning is just the first step. 

The main thread that links the entire coaching experience together is being open to new styles of training and being flexible in thought. 

Being rigid and conventional can limit the kind of students you get, and can also limit personal growth. Instead, approaching coaching sessions creatively depending on your students is the best way to show that you’re an awesome coach with one goal -- to see your students succeed at training! 

In most moves and techniques, there are various factors involved that can make or break the result of the move, such as breathing, arm movement, stance, hip position, as well as feet position. Breaking down the techniques to spot the problem your student may be facing can be a brilliant way to troubleshoot and find a solution. 

Offer classes to suit different age groups, abilities, and training goals

Students of the same age and background may not be up to the same skill level, and similarly, different people have different abilities, skills, and strengths. 

While some people seeking training may not need much strength training at all, some may have very weak muscles that need months of your guidance to build. In the same way, the strongest-looking people may have low to no stamina at all, while others may surprise you. 

It’s best to offer various sizes and groups of training sessions depending on skill level, age, strength, and more. You may even find yourself putting a 23-year-old beginner in with the group of teenagers you teach. It can be helpful to aim to make your coaching sessions as judgment-free as possible, and not to make anybody feel embarrassed by participating in a beginner class -- after all, we were all beginners once!

Gain official certification 

No one wants to be taught by an unqualified coach. 

Do you have the training and the skill, and even the experience, but no certificate or license? 

Being an expert in a field is important, but so is having the skills necessary to be able to teach it to others. There are multiple Krav Maga worldwide centers located around the United States where you can get certified. 

This can be helpful as it can help your students to trust you and feel confident in your ability to teach them, and ensure that you have the skills necessary to transfer your own Krav Maga skills to others. 

Looking to open your own martial arts gym?

Krav Maga classes will be an incredible addition to your gym and provide value and virtue to your work in the community.

If you need help organizing those classes, gaining certification as a coach, or getting students, while keeping your gym in fine shape on its own, we at Wodify can help you out with our innovative gym management software. 

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