How to Maintain Clients While Transitioning to a New Fitness Facility

How to Maintain Clients While Transitioning to a New Fitness Facility

How to Maintain Clients While Transitioning to a New Fitness Facility

One of the biggest challenges as a fitness business owner is when the time comes to transition locations. Maybe you are opening a new kick-a** location or transitioning to a slightly smaller location. While most of the focus is usually on the physical transition of space, what many business owners fail to give enough attention to, is making sure your clients are staying committed to your business in the midst of this change. 

Here are 3 simple tips for maintaining your current client base while moving:

1. Be Proactive with Performance Tracking

One of the simplest and most innovative ways to maintain your client base is to implement workout performance tracking when you open your gym, or at the very least, before you move locations. Workout performance tracking is a technology that allows your clients to keep detailed records of their workout journey so they can look back and see their progress. Additionally, with Wodify Performance Tracking (Wodify Perform) they can like and comment on other clients’ performance achievements. As a fitness business owner, this helps maintain retention in more than one way: 1) it serves as a form of gamification to keep clients hooked on their fitness journey as if it was a game, and 2) it helps build a community.

When a client’s data is stored in your business’s system, the switching cost of them transitioning to a different gym would be much higher than the cost of waiting until your new space opens. If you want to get started on Performance Tracking, book a call here.

2. Transparent Communication is Key

Communicate. Communicate. Communicate. This is the perfect example of when a fitness management platform is crucial. You might be thinking your clients are considering leaving your business in the midst of a location change, but actually, many of them are just as excited as you are. Keep them updated with pictures of the new space, new initiatives that will take place when it opens, and the timeline of when they can expect to get back to attending your facility. You can do this through mass emails or through social media updates! Pro Tip: Wodify can help with mass emailing, also.

3. Offer Your Clients a Free Service in the New Location

A great incentive for clients to continue to attend classes at your new facility is to offer them a free service, such as a free personal training session. People usually cannot resist a free offer. This will also get them “through the door”, which might result in more clients committing to personal training sessions in the future which is another great stream of revenue. If it is not a personal training session, it could be a free class, a bring-a-friend class, or even a free t-shirt.

Whether you are a business owner, instructor, coach, or student we hope you can walk away with some of these valuable lessons.

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