How to Make 2020 the Best Year Yet for Your Gym

“New Year, New You!” 

Ugh, you’ve heard that sales pitch a million times. You may have even used it on your members. But when’s the last time you used it on your own gym? 

Good news! We’re here to help, with everything you need to transform your gym and make 2020 the best year for your business!

Start with Wodify Sites: affordable, integrated websites that drive more leads to your gym. 

Sure, you could rely on a cheap DIY site for a web presence, but that’s about it. Instead, get one that’s SEO optimized, fully customizable, and has a 99/100 Google Performance score, all for less than what other website companies and agencies charge. 

Wearables are the #1 trend in group fitness.
Join the movement.

Now that you’ve got them in the door, keep them there with Wodify Pulse heart rate training, a proven retention tool that processes real time workout data right in front of your members’ eyes. This is a great way to make your CrossFit or bootcamp-style classes even more engaging. Wodify Pulse features the most accurate technology for fitness wearables available, and can be an exciting addition to your revenue stream.

If you’re tired of having to scramble to write your weekly programming, Wodify has the solution. Visit the WOD Marketplace and choose from a selection of the industry’s top fitness programmers to deliver their weekly workouts directly to your Wodify account. You’ll find comprehensive programs for traditional CrossFit classes, advanced training for competitors, and everything in between, including coach’s notes and complete class plans. Best of all, there’s no data entry required!

And if you’re looking to bring your community closer together, why not organize a wellness challenge or in-house competition using one of our events products? Wodify Rise is the intuitive revenue-building tool that makes it easy to design the perfect challenge for your members, or choose from one of our off-the-shelf solutions and save time and effort. Looking to motivate your more competitive athletes? Wodify Arena is the perfect competition-building program. Post WODs, register participants, assign judges and organize heats, with just a few clicks. Both of these all-in-one events products are FREE to use (even if you aren’t a Wodify Core customer), so there’s no reason you can’t get started today! 

The year has just begun.
Wodify help make it your best ever.

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