How to Offer Online Programming with Wodify

Many gyms around the world are turning to remote programming and coaching in order to deal with the impact of Coronavirus/COVID-19. The good news is that with Wodify, you are equipped to immediately start providing your members with online workouts, coaching, and a digital social whiteboard. 

Setting up remote programs & classes

Continuing to offer programming to your members is a great way to provide value and keep people engaged & accountable. Here are the steps:

  • Create a new program dedicated to remote/at-home options that you can add workouts and a class schedule to.

    If you don’t want to create a new program, you can repurpose an existing program to include remote workouts. With this option, everyone with a membership to that program will have access to the workouts and you will want to remove any class attendance limits to let an unlimited number of people virtually ‘sign in’ to the class and record their results.

  • Depending on if you want to sell this as a new program or add to existing memberships, you can either

    - Create a new membership template
    and payment plans to sell this new program to members (continue to steps 3-5 and watch the video below to learn how to set this up)

    Bulk update memberships for existing members to add this new program to their plan at no additional cost
  • Once your new program is created, you can set up recurring classes so people can ‘sign-in’ remotely. Remember to set the attendance limit to zero so it’s accessible for everyone!
  • When programming remote workouts, take advantage of our WOD builder to add links to video demos of movements and any other notes you want your remote members to see.
  • To ensure athletes can sign into class through their app while working out remotely, make sure your Classes Settings Sign-in option is set to ‘Athletes can sign into class within 24 hours of the start time.
  • Finally, make sure your members all download the Wodify Athlete App (Google Play | iTunes) to track their results and engage with other members on the digital whiteboard.

Need advice on how to roll out remote programming to your members and how to set pricing? Check out the
Two Brain Business Guide to Adding Online Training in 24 Hours.

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Setting up remote 1-on-1 coaching appointments

You can use our Appointments feature and Zoom video conferencing to sell virtual 1-on-1 fitness consultations and nutrition coaching. 

  • Create a new Appointment Service and select the during, which coaches will be providing the service, pricing, and other basic details.
  • Create membership templates if you want to sell packs of 5, 10, or more sessions at a time.
  • Set your service provider’s availability (note: you must do this before any members will be able to book appointments)
  • Once you have availability created, you can start selling Appointment Sessions from your Online Sales Portal
  • After completing an Appointments purchase, your members will be able to book directly through the Wodify Athlete App (Google Play | iTunes)
  • Lastly, if you are conducting these appointments remotely, you can add a video conferencing link (check out Zoom if you need a tool) to the Appointment Created automated email.

We hope this helps you continue to provide value to your members, even if your physical location has to be closed temporarily.

Check out our full Coronavirus/COVID-19: Guide for Gym Owners for more info & resources.

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