How to Use Gym Management Software to Optimize Your Class Schedule

There are many benefits to using Wodify Core and the myriad features it provides, but class scheduling is arguably the most practical for the owner, the owner’s employees, and of course the members that need transparency in terms of what classes are available on which days.

The Classes feature in Wodify Core gym management software proves irreplaceable the first time a gym owner uses it, mostly because doing so optimizes a gym’s class schedule in a way that simple paper scheduling never could.

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Members Always Have Access to What’s Available

The most notable change with gym scheduling is your ability to give members access to the schedule the moment it’s updated. These days, members want to use mobile apps for everything, and good gym scheduling software makes it easy to help gym-goers tap a few icons and find out exactly when and where their next class will be. Paper scheduling obviously doesn’t provide for this type of cloud-based scheduling for fitness centers, so why not make sure you are giving your members the best experience while using their gym app?

It’s Easier to Organize and Alter Schedules

If you have ever used an online calendar for personal reasons, then using the Classes feature in Wodify Core will come as second nature. Adding and altering classes is as easy and clicking and typing into the main calendar. It is no more difficult to cancel a class or change a coaching assignment, which is important information for employees, as well. Finally, posting the updated calendar to the web is easy, too, and you even can set up automated emails to notify members of the changes.

It Eliminates Paperwork and Saves Time

When things are easy, you tend to save time, which really is true in this instance. Making changes to tangible copies of a calendar and then posting it somewhere in the gym is not only inconvenient for customers, but also more time-consuming. Plus, refraining from using paper keeps wastefulness out of your building and leaves your desk and file cabinets less cluttered. Spend your time building relationships with your members, rather than worrying about troublesome scheduling.

It Allows Gym Owners to Collect Data They Can Use

Once a schedule is a built, your members can record which classes they attended. Discovering which people are attending which classes on which days is data you can use you to streamline the way that you schedule future classes. If, say, Tuesday nights are proving slow, you can move around the more popular coaches or class offerings to see if that makes an impact. All of this can be done through Wodify Core.

Slick Software Impresses Customers

Perhaps most importantly, though, customers appreciate gyms that have ushered themselves into the 21st Century gracefully, which means people generally are impressed when a business has the wherewithal to produce an easy-to-use mobile app and flawless online scheduling. In streamlining and making lives easier for your customers, you also can streamline and make life easier for yourself. That’s what makes Wodify so life-altering for the businesses that invest in it.

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