How your box can get leads, fast!

It’s simple math — the more leads you have, the more members sign up at your box. The more members sign up at your box, the more revenue you have to improve your facility, hire coaching staff, and run your business.

So here’s the question — how do you get the leads?

Box owners are always trying to spread the word about their businesses, let people know what makes them different, and get athletes to come in and check out their spaces. You probably know the basic ways — set up a website, be active on social media, pass out flyers, and great word of mouth never hurts. But you’re never able to measure how effective any of those methods really are at getting bodies through the door.

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You might have heard that the Wodify team is opening Wodify Strength and Conditioning, our very own box, and we — just like you — were faced with this very real question of how to find and attract athletes. So we decided to implement Wodify’s new SMS feature.

To do this, we logged into the back end of Wodify and set up our SMS feature in the leads tab. We selected our keyword (FIT) and filled out the rest of the form. Now, every time an athlete wants to learn more about our box, they text FIT to CROSS (27677) and receive a customized message from us. We also get their phone number, so we can follow up with them to see if they want to check out a class.

Once we set up the keyword, we needed to promote it. So we set up a Facebook ad:

We posted it on our door:


And we put up lawn signs around town:


The results? 100 leads in less than one week. We’ve been following up with them, and plan to bring over 40 athletes (and growing) through our doors for a free trial.

If you already use Wodify. you can set up this feature in the Leads tab. If you don’t, check out our demo video or reach out to us at Team@Wodify.comto see the many ways we help box owners improve their business.

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