Hunter’s Academy of Strength: Over a Decade in the Making

Hunter’s Academy of Strength: Over a Decade in the Making

Hunter’s Academy of Strength: Over a Decade in the Making

Hunter McIntyre set out on his own personal fitness journey years ago to become the best version of himself. As he bettered himself, he started to gain interest from individuals around him who were looking to do the same. From there, Hunter’s Academy of Strength was born.

With seven different fitness certifications under his belt, six world titles, two world records, and four national titles in various sports, he is well qualified to get any individual to where they desire to be. He currently offers nine different training guides based on his goal and four different month-to-month training programs.

Check out how Hunter fell in love with the fitness industry and how Wodify helped double his business in the first two months.

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Q: How many members does HAOS have?

A: Just over 500.

Q: Since using Wodify have you seen membership growth? If so, how much?

A: I have nearly doubled my business in the past two months since starting with Wodify! 

Q: When did you start to get into the fitness industry and why? 

A: 2009, I picked up my first weight and since then I have never put it down. I originally started so that I could be the fittest athlete on the team, then I fell in love with the experience of training myself and other athletes.

Q: What made you branch out into your own business and programming?

A: I have been training people for over a decade now with the biggest companies in the fitness industry, some that I am very grateful for. However I never owned my work so I never had full say in how I would teach my clients, since starting HAOS now I do. 

Q: When did you develop an interest in training other athletes?

A: Within months of me starting my own path in fitness people were asking me how I got so fit. I loved sharing my story and helping people shape their own.  

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is just starting to train in the competitive fitness space, anything they should focus on first?

A:I would start by reading and reaching out to all of your greatest influences. I have gained more from this than any amount of ours in the gym. Great planning and hours well spent is what makes champions.

Q: Can you share with us what your favorite WOD or movement is?

A: Do more strict pull ups, you'll never regret more time spent on the bar.

Q: What has been your favorite memory since starting HAOS Training?

A: I was able to workout with one of my clients who started his training journey because of me. He was an incredible athlete and a great friend by the end of the weekend. To see someone become such an awesome athlete because of the training I put out was cool to experience.

Q: Do you have a favorite quote/words of wisdom you share often? 

A: “Excuses are cheap” & “Big biceps are worth more than all the tea in china.” - Socrates


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