I’m thinking of opening a CrossFit box... What equipment + gear do I need?

There are those who love CrossFit – and then there are those true devotees who want to start their own boxes. If the latter describes you, you’ll need to arm yourself with key information for building a successful CrossFit box. You’ll require a solid business plan and CrossFit affiliation (you’ll need to have passed their Level 1 Certificate Course before even applying). You’ll also require adequate financing and a prime brick and mortar location.

However, equally if not more important, you’ll also require the ideal CrossFit box gym equipment. Needless to say, the right CrossFit equipment is foundational and crucial to helping your clients get the most out of every WOD. Check out this comprehensive guide to the essential CrossFit box gym equipment to get your business started strong right out of the gate:

A full weight set

We recommend getting a barbell set with bumper plates so that they’ll cause less damage when dropped by overzealous CrossFitters. Don’t forget a weight tree for storing the plates and a rack for the bars.

To complement the set, you’ll also need:

  • Flat Benches
  • Incline Benches
  • Squat Rack

Get a full set of dumbbells, too, along with a rack for easy storage and organization.

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A full kettlebell set

As you know, kettlebells are as foundational as traditional weights to a CrossFit box. Don’t skimp on this purchase.

Quick release collars

These can enhance the safety of your gym and the CrossFit experience.

Pull up bar

This is a must, and make sure it’s strong enough to support even your largest, most built CrossFit clients.

A ring set

Rings are essential to a number of CrossFit exercises.

Glute hamstring developer (GHD)

This contraption is excellent for strengthening the lower back as well as glutes and hamstrings. If you turn around, your clients can use it to perform ab-ripping sit-ups as well.

Heavy ball

You’ll need a few of these around to help CrossFitters perform wall balls, a key component of many WODs. The 20 lb. size is a good middle of the road option for most CrossFitters.


These can help to enhance push-ups and other movements.

Jump ropes/Speed ropes

You can’t do double unders without ‘em.

Climbing rope

Hang a 20 foot rope somewhere in or around your box to offer a basic but strength-building challenge.

Row machine

This is an excellent way for CrossFitters to get both cardio and an upper body workout.

Ab mat

Make it easy for your CrossFitters to work their core and abs.

Plyo box

Many CrossFit WODs call for box jumps, so you’ll want to outfit your box with a 24” Plyo Box or something similar.


Beyond the workout equipment and location, you’ll also need rubber flooring and some decent lighting in the space. Floor to ceiling mirrors can help your CrossFitters to perfect their form (and see how cut they’re getting) You’ll also want to offer access to fresh water.

A locker room, reception desk and a personal training office can complete your space. One last thing: don’t skimp on gym management software. Wodify offers a cutting-edge, all-in-one solution for running your box successfully and helping your clients to get the most out of the CrossFit experience.

Of course, these are just the basics of CrossFit box gym equipment and general CrossFit equipment. You can enhance this list however you wish.

From there, a website, social media accounts and other marketing materials will help you get the word out about your box. Once you have a solid box in a great location outfitted with the ideal CrossFit equipment, it’s just a matter of promotion. Don’t skimp on signage and advertising that lets the world know your CrossFit box is ready for action.

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