Inside the Box: leads, leads, leads

We’re continuing our “Inside the Box” mini-series with Tommy Alfinito, owner and head trainer at CrossFit Mount Laurel. Tommy has grown his box to over 300 members in under 4 years and we think he has great tips that all box owners can benefit from. He also started CFMTL Blueprint to offer programming, tips, and other advice to box owners and athletes. Be sure to check it out!

Last week we covered tips and tricks for attracting new members to become interested in your gym. Well once you have them interested — what’s your process for scheduling them to come in to work with your coaches and (hopefully) sign up to become a member? Everyone has a different method — maybe you call a day later or send a text immediately. Maybe you set reminders to follow up in three days if you haven’t heard back.
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Whatever steps you choose to take, responding quickly to athlete inquiries is crucial to connecting with them and setting up their first appointment. And as we all know, gym competition is fierce — a quick response could be the difference between more membership dollars in your pocket and not.

Tommy wanted to share the best methods he has found for scheduling new athletes to come in and check out a class. What are yours?

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