It's been a fun few months at Wodify - see what we've been up to!

We held our latest Wodify User Group webinar (what we affectionately call WUG) last week, and wanted to share a little bit of it with you. Our hour-long WUG sessions allow us to share our progress and vision with Wodify users, and gives a sneak preview of what we have coming up. We rely on the feedback from these sessions to ensure that we’re creating features that you want and need as athletes and box owners.

Here’s an update of where we are:

Continued growth: Wodify is used in over 1,750 gyms worldwide. Athletes at these gyms log over 1.6 million results and we process over 35 million dollars through Wodify each month. It’s amazing growth and we foresee even better things to come.

What we accomplished in Q3: We’ve introduced some comprehensive features this past quarter, including:

  • Online membership sales: Now prospective athletes can sign up for a free trial or purchase a drop in session online. Even better, they can purchase a membership to your gym through this portal.
  • Automated emails: Box owners have long asked for automated emails that wish their athletes a happy birthday or anniversary, to remind them about expiring memberships or payment information, or to make sure everything they’re enjoying their experience in your gym  We created these emails to help automate these communications for the box owner.
  • Mass emails to athletes and leads: Wodify makes it easy for box owners to send mass emails to their athletes or leads to let them know about upcoming events, inclement weather, or ad hoc WODs.
  • Mass SMS to athletes: Similar to our mass email feature, box owners can share timely information with their athletes about schedule changes or class reminders right to their phones.
  • 2 way SMS to leads: When we began integrating texting software into Wodify, we released that prospective athletes sometimes prefer to respond to texts rather than emails. Now Wodify admins can text athletes from Wodify, if the athlete responds it will land in the admin’s email inbox, and it will all be tracked within Wodify.
  • Payroll: Our system tracks employee time and payroll by hours worked or classes taught. It doesn’t physically cut checks, but makes it even easier to manage your business within one system.
Box management made simple.
The all-in-one affiliate software.

What’s on the horizon: 

  • WOD snapshot: Admins and managers will be able to see their programmed WODs for the next week in one screen, making editing your programming even easier.
  • Choose the length and expiration of your free trials: We know that some gyms offer three free classes or one free week to their prospective athletes. We’ll be adding the ability to change the length and expiration of your free trials soon.
  • Personal training: This is a big one! We’re working on this feature and it will be up soon.

To see our entire presentation, click below:

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