Keep Your Finances Fit with these Gym Software Features

Keeping tabs on your gym’s finances is simple with Wodify’s dashboards and reports. For our latest product release, we’re unveiling new tools to enhance their functionality —  revenue by location and a new profit margin tracker. 

These business analytics features dive beneath the surface to collect intelligent, actionable data about your gym, and we’re confident they’ll deepen your understanding of its finances. Let’s take a closer look at the latest gym software features from Wodify and how they revolutionize reporting.

1. Revenue by Location

With revenue by location, gyms with multiple sites can gain greater insight from their reports. It lets you attribute money from a sale to the specific location it came from, making it easy to visualize each gym’s revenue stream.  

Here’s how it works. Let’s pretend I own a yoga studio with one location in Brooklyn and another in Manhattan. If I sold a membership at the Brooklyn studio, I’d follow these steps to assign revenue to it:

  1. Click on the “New Membership Profile” in Wodify.
  2. Find the “Location of Sale” drop-down menu.
  3. Select the Brooklyn studio.


It’s that easy! Thanks to revenue by location, Wodify’s fitness management software is transforming how multi-location gyms manage their finances.

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2. Profit Tracking with Precision

If your gym sells retail items like t-shirts, protein bars, and hand weights, Wodify’s new margin tracking functionality lets you measure profit from them. Getting this setup takes seconds, so here’s an overview of how it works.

Let’s say you’re measuring profit from 25 sweatbands that cost $5 to supply and sell for $10. In Wodify, specify what the gym pays to carry the sweatbands, their retail price and the amount you bought and sold. Once our retail dashboard is finished this summer, Wodify will do the rest of the math for you, so go ahead and put away your calculator. It’s simple.

3. Coming Soon...Wodify Insights

Our profit tracking functionality is just one of the many advanced reporting tools you’ll get with Wodify Insights — our new dashboards powered by Looker that can deepen your understanding of your business’s finances.

Wodify Insights is scheduled to launch this summer, and so keep an eye on our blog or YouTube channel for more details! In the meantime, feel free to give profit tracking and revenue by location a shot.


Measure Your Gym’s Health with Wodify

Thanks to revenue by location and profit tracking, we’re confident this product release will enhance your experience with Wodify’s gym management software. We have tons of exciting new features and updates coming your way, so visit our roadmap to see what else we’re working on.

Wodify’s dashboards put real-time information about your gym at your fingertips, allowing you to analyze your day to day, plan for the future and know your business on a deeper level.

With our tools, you can monitor business from anywhere. Book a call with one of our product specialists to learn more about our gym software.

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