CrossFit Competitor Training: Key Strategies to Help you Prepare

Training for a CrossFit competition will test your mind and body to the extreme. And if you are not properly prepared for this challenge, you may falter when victory is on the line, costing yourself a chance to win. The truth is that performing well in your home WODs is one thing, but training your mind and body to achieve success in a CrossFit competition requires another level of intensity. Here are some practical strategies to help ensure that you are ready to do well.

Develop Your Training Plan

CrossFit has made cowards out of athletes who think they are unstoppable, which means that without a training plan, you have no chance of success.

Your training plan should include:

▪       Days and times you will work out

▪       Resting periods to help your body recover

▪       Proper nutrition to provide necessary energy

▪       Training goals to achieve per week

And as you are creating your training routine and goals to prepare for a CrossFit competition, you must also understand your weaknesses and how to improve in these areas.

If endurance is a problem for you, then you need to add more cardio workouts to account for that weakness. If you want more mass, you will have to use heavier weights in your workouts and increase your carb intake.

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Learn From Your Competition

Chances are that the people you’ll be competing with are advanced in their skillset and have been training for years.  If you want to be successful in learning how to train for a CrossFit competition start by watching them.

From form to technique, these people can be an invaluable learning source.   And in time, you’ll probably develop lifelong friendships, which can lead to training opportunities that otherwise wouldn’t be available to you.

Get Into The Right Mindset

One thing many CrossFit competitors don’t realize early on is how much of their successes – and failures – are mental.

Mental toughness will play a key factor in your training, since you’ll need to push yourself to the limits time and time again, if you want to truly develop as an athlete.  Often times, the self-limitations we place on ourselves are what hold us back from achieving true success.

So, you’ll need to train yourself to get past these types of self-limiting thoughts.  This way, when your mind is telling you can’t do any more WOD’s, you grind it out anyways.

Keep Your Focus On You

Former world heavyweight boxing champion Mike Tyson used to say that he won most of his fights the minute he stepped into the ring and his opponents took one look at him.

That’s because Tyson projected confidence and always focused on his preparation and his mental toughness, instead of worrying about his opponent.

You can’t control what your competitors are doing or what the judges are thinking. Concentrate on YOU and on YOUR abilities. If you’ve trained and prepared the best you can put your best foot forward and hold your head high, regardless of where you place.

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