Let’s Talk Nerdy About Wodify

At Wodify, we concentrate on performance, but at heart, we’re also nerds. So let's quickly geek out on why our customers have the highest performing gym software on the market. 

Our gym software rocks. 

Over the past six months, our engineering team has pushed over 13 releases, built 10 new features, and are hard at work pioneering new products to help our gym owners and their members. You can check them out here on our roadmap

You might not be in the software business, so why should you care about platforms? Well, we chose ours specifically so that we could push new features and updates with the click of a button. Unlike native apps, we’re not beholden to app stores, nor do we need permission from the app overlords every time we want to release an update. Wodify customers get our latest features and updates without delay. 

Some point out that our tech is faster, cheaper and less complicated to produce like that’s a bad thing. This equates quality with a higher price tag and degree of difficulty to produce. This belief is not only wrong, it’s disastrous for the customer. 

Think about it...if the tech is more expensive to build, the customer is covering those higher costs. If it's more difficult to build, that means it’s more complicated, which in turn means it’s more expensive to maintain. So again, the customer is footing a larger bill OR the company has their economic model all wrong and they will be part of the 99% of startups who fail. Both situations hang the customer out to dry. There are good engineers and misinformed engineers. Make sure that the ones you choose have your box as their priority and not their ego.

Box management made simple.
The all-in-one affiliate software.

We love our kiosk. Here’s why you should too. 

Along with platforms, we get some questions about the physical attributes of our kiosk system. 

Our kiosk —  and the technology inside it — was created to make walking through those industrial doors fun, easy-to-use, and economical. We know our system works because thousands and thousands of our clients tell us. And if you’ve ever met a box owner, you know they’re not shy about sharing their opinion.

We wanted to use this opportunity to answer some questions about our kiosk, how it works, and why it’s a great solution for 4,000 gyms around the globe. 

“Is it clean?" 

Athletes share barbells, dumbbells, pull-up bars, ropes and medicine balls multiple times a day. There are clean gyms and dirty gyms. We provide detailed administrative support, revenue-boosting solutions, and industry-leading performance tracking. We’re not in charge of the Purell.

"Is it fast?"

Waiting in line for the bus, the post office or an amusement park ride is no fun. However, at our kiosk, queuing up is an opportunity to compare scores, congratulate each other, complain about the WOD, spark friendly competition, or — just spitballing here — continue to foster the strong community bonds that keep athletes coming back.  It’s a “heads up” system that exemplifies the spirit and camaraderie of CrossFit. But if those few precious seconds are too much to bear, Wodify’s mobile app is an effective, convenient alternative, but we like seeing athletes congregating around the kiosk because we like people.

"Is it scalable?"

This one we can’t get around. Our two flatscreen TVs are big, and they do take up precious real estate. Luckily, they serve a purpose. For example, when you’re in the middle of a workout, breathing heavy, cursing the CrossFit gods, it’s very helpful to actually see the details of the WOD on a big screen, so you know how many reps of the next punishing movement you have to do without wasting time consulting a mobile device.

The other cool thing our screens can do, that say, a whiteboard can’t, is show demo videos or the live feed of the CrossFit Games, in case a few of your friends from the gym want to hang out a have a beer. Or, on a more somber note, the screen can pull up details of a Hero WOD recipient, so you know exactly why you’re doing the workout. 

Both inside and out, Wodify was designed to help gyms grow their business and their community. Whether it’s through constant feature updates that help your back end, or our friendly, inclusive kiosk in the front, we just want to see you succeed.

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