Manage your next event with CrossFit Competition Software

It’s possible to run your CrossFit competition without Wodify Arena, but why would you want to? Technology has completely changed the way gyms run their business, and by extension, their competitions. Software like Wodify Arena and its accompanying Judge’s app make organizing, participating, and watching competitions much more enjoyable.  

If your box is planning on running an event this year, consider using Wodify Arena so you can take advantage of its many features. And remember, a subscription to Wodify Core isn’t necessary.

Easier Setup

Long before your event begins, Wodify Arena can help you get organized. As soon as you’ve built your webpage featuring details about your competition, you can start advertising immediately using a custom URL created specifically for your event. You can start building your workouts and publish them all at once, or release them on a schedule to create excitement.

Flawless competitions. Zero stress.
Wodify Arena: the #1 competition software.

Faster Registration

Paperless registration makes things faster and more efficient for your participants, and less confusing for you. Plus, because waivers are also completed online, you’ll never lose your paperwork and you’re always covered.

Strategic Heats

Wodify Arena uses benchmark data to build heats in a way that strategically matches competitors with similar ranges of ability. This not only helps everyone in the competition feel like they’ve got a chance to win their heat, but it also makes things more exciting for spectators.

Access to Heat Schedules

The Wodify Judge’s app is an impressive feature that allows competition judges to access their heat and lane assignments easily so they always know where to go. Plus, the app gives judges the ability to quickly confirm scores and push them to the Leaderboard.

Live Leaderboard

Perhaps the most exciting part of Wodify Arena is the live leaderboard feature, which posts immediate results. This means less waiting around for everyone in the gym to find out who’s on top, and leads to competitions ending on time.

There’s no question that Wodify Arena software makes life easier for competition organizers and participants, and more exciting for spectators. Visit the Wodify Arena product page and start organizing your next competition today!

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