“Martial Arts is Physical, Mental, and Spiritual” with Shane Fazen

“Martial Arts is Physical, Mental, and Spiritual” with Shane Fazen

“Martial Arts is Physical, Mental, and Spiritual” with Shane Fazen

Shane Fazen has been spreading the word of Martial Arts since 2003. His own YouTube channel took off in the early days and still is the platform he heavily relies on. Now, you can go to his own website and sign up for FIGHTTIPS Martial Arts programming if you’re rolling solo or want more for your gym, as an owner. Find out how Shane landed on Wodify’s Workout Marketplace, what drives him, and some advice he’d give to fellow Martial Artists.

Q: What advice would you give to someone who is starting out as a new athlete to Mixed Martial Arts?

A: I suggest taking time to follow along to a few of the great tutorials found on YouTube! I’ve had countless coaches tell me that they’ve had first-timers show up to their gym with impressive fight fundamentals. When they ask these beginners where they learned their moves from, they almost always say, “YouTube”.

Once you’ve done some homework, I recommend doing your research on the local gyms in your area. Learn each gym’s philosophy, read reviews, and take advantage of the free trial classes that most schools offer.

And don’t forget to have fun and enjoy every step of the process!

Q: What is your favorite style of Martial Arts to train in?

A: I see the human body as an instrument and movement is the music. And although I appreciate all styles, I’ve had an obsession with striking arts since a young age - especially Taekwondo, Muay Thai, and Boxing.

It’s the ability to isolate and control different parts of the body in relation to space and gravity, and the ultimate test against another human being to see who the superior athlete is. It’s been over 20 years since I first started formally training, but I still learn something new every day.

Q: Name the biggest obstacle you faced when trying to get FIGHTTIPS off the ground. 

A: The biggest obstacle was earning a steady income. We got into YouTube almost TOO early - back before big brands saw the value in buying ads online. Our channel had tons of subscribers and our videos got plenty of views, but we weren’t making money off of it. Fortunately, the hard work and dedication paid off!

In the beginning, staying consistent was a huge challenge. I would upload maybe once a month or every other month, because I was busy with school or work. Once I started planning ahead and posting regularly (3x a week) I was able to build my audience, get them engaged, and increase revenue.

Q: When programming for FIGHTTIPS, what do you start with? The meat of the session? The warm up?

A: I start off with a cup of Jasmine Pearl Green Tea. Then, I do some self-reflection. I have a theme (such as punches and footwork or defence and counters, etc.), and then I consider the path of the individual, and compare it to the path that I had personally chosen. I ponder questions like, “What are some things that excelled or delayed my progress?” and “If I could go back in time, how would I personally like to be trained?”. From here, I piggy-back off of the previous week’s theme, and break down each daily class into a conceptual goal that I want each coach and student to achieve. 

Q: If you could pick the best piece of advice you received as a business owner, what would it be?

A: GET ORGANIZED. There are so many talented martial artists, athletes, and fighters, but unless they’re properly organized, their hard-earned skills, they won’t be able to properly convey that information to others. From scheduling, to teaching verbiage, the more organized you and your coaches are, the better your students will grasp information and build skills more effectively.

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Q: What is the number one reason you started FIGHTTIPS?

A: To make people better. Because of my exposure to bullying and after school fights, I wanted to empower others to be able to defend themselves. Even at a young age I realized how much Martial Arts helped me in all aspects of life, and I’ve made it my life’s mission to pay it forward.

Q: If YouTube was never created, what avenue was your next step in launching FIGHTTIPS

A: FIGHTTIPS was a video website two years before YouTube was even created, so we would probably still be doing the same thing! Now, our domain is home to a private social network we’ve created specifically for martial artists that want to discuss and train online.

We always try to stay ahead of the curve, and take inspiration from Sci-Fi movies and video games, believe it or not. I find myself dreaming up inventions or someday launching a VR boxing league.

Q: What is the number one problem you hope to solve by spreading FIGHTTIPS to MMA studio owners.

A: My mission is to provide an effective combat system to the masses, in a way that is truly safe, honorable, and fun. Martial arts can be intimidating and dangerous - or it can be empowering. There is so much that we can all benefit from. The physical, to the mental, to the spiritual. Let Martial Arts be your solace.

Make sure to head to the Workout Marketplace and sign up for FIGHTTIPS programming today! 

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