NCFIT Build Better Series: Product on the Floor

NCFIT Build Better Series: Product on the Floor

NCFIT Build Better Series: Product on the Floor

Wodify is a leading all-in-one fitness management software, trusted by 5,000 of the world’s top businesses. Wodify and the NCFIT Collective have partnered to help business owners save time and effort by delivering curated, customizable programming right to their Wodify account. Over the next 4 weeks, NCFIT will be launching their #BuildBetterSeries and we will be sharing a 4 part blog series that explains more on each topic every week.

2022 Is the Year We Bounce Back

The past two years haven’t been kind to the brick-and-mortar fitness space. Regardless of the impact, the pandemic has had on your business, it’s time that we stop looking back on how hard things have been and start embracing the opportunity that lies ahead.

The past two years have made it clear that health is paramount. The service we provide as gym owners matters now more than ever. It’s time we all start treating our business like a business and not a hobby. It’s time we level up and raise the tides in 2022.

Over the next four weeks, that is what NCFIT hopes to help business owners do through this series—tangible insights and tools to help you run a better business in 2022.


Product on the Floor

Before we talk about sales, marketing, and operating procedures, we have to talk about the actual services NCFIT and Wodify provide.

The product on the floor—whether it is group classes, personal training, billing, or signing into class—is what customers are ultimately paying for. You cannot build a top-notch business around a subpar product.

A consistent, high-quality product on the floor will drive referrals and keep retention high. Both of these are key components to a successful and profitable business. This is why Wodify and NCFIT are here to help!

Every member at your gym, whether they’ve been around for a month or a decade, is always just one bad experience away from canceling.

So what can you do to make sure your business is leveling up your product on the floor in 2022?

Define What Sets Your Product Apart

Spoiler alert: It isn’t the programming or the community. Every business will say they have the best programming. Every business owner will say they have the best community. Instead of setting you apart, leaning on overused terms like programming and community will only ensure that you sound just like all the competition in your area.

Still leaning on the 21-15-9’s or strength cycles you run and your community as the things that set your gym apart? It might be time to revisit this and come up with a more unique and specific value proposition in 2022.

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Consistency in the Experience

Regardless of who is coaching on any given day in any of our locations, we want the experience to be consistent.

Do some coaches have more experience under their belts than others? Of course. Do some members favor some coaches over others because of their coaching style? Of course!

But in terms of professionalism, high energy, positivity, and helping deliver results, we aim for a consistent, high-quality experience from everyone on our team.

What good is having a couple of rock star coaches if some other coaches on your team fall short? The product on the floor for your gym is only as good as your weakest link.

One way to level the playing field? Regular informal and formal feedback for all coaches.

NCFIT has fostered a culture of feedback where their coaches regularly take other coach’s classes and deliver feedback on their experience. What did a coach do really well? What could have been improved? These are regular conversations their coaches have with each other.

Additionally, we have formal evaluations for their coaches twice a year using the documents below. The Coach Scorecard and the Coach Takeaway Form have been instrumental in developing their coaches through structured feedback that is revisited on a consistent basis.

Don’t have a process for evaluating coaches? Click on the images below to download the forms and implement these in 2022. Your best coaches will get better and more consistent, and so will the product on the floor.

Practice? We Talkin’ About Practice?

Practice does not make perfect; practice makes progress.

Improving the product on the gym floor means coaches making consistent progress through daily practice. There’s no amount of weekend certs, professional development, or staff meetings that can replace it.

The best way to practice your coaching daily? Reps and preparation. Every time a coach hits the floor at an NCFIT location, they’ve gone through a detailed session plan and coach video to help them prepare. These are the same session plans and videos NCFIT provides through the NCFIT Collective.

Interns and new coaches are encouraged to create their own game plan and outline based on the session plans we provide as an added layer or preparation before hitting the floor.

There is no “winging it” at NCFIT, and there shouldn’t be any “winging it” at any gym looking to #BuildBetter in 2022.

Are you providing your coaches with a detailed session plan for every class they coach? Is there an expectation that they should prepare for class with a clear game plan based on that session plan?

If you would like to get more business tips and learn how the Wodify platform can help your business growth, you can book a call here. Hope to talk to you soon!

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