NCFIT Build Better Series: Standard Operating Procedures

NCFIT Build Better Series: Standard Operating Procedures

NCFIT Build Better Series: Standard Operating Procedures

Wodify is a leading all-in-one fitness management software, trusted by 5,000 of the world’s top businesses. Wodify and the NCFIT Collective have partnered to help gym owners save time and effort by delivering curated, customizable fitness programming right to their Wodify account. Over the next 4 weeks, NCFIT will be launching their #BuildBetter series and we will be launching 4 blogs that explain each part of this series. 

Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs)

Every successful company needs a team and a playbook. In order to guarantee a consistent experience and seamless operations, every member of the team, like a finely tuned orchestra, needs to be playing off the same sheet of music.

How do you welcome a new member into the gym?

How do you process cancellations and set them up for potential winback campaigns?

What is the process if there is an injury that happens during class?

How do coaches request time off? What does the approval process look like and who is responsible for finding coverage?

How is a new coach on-boarded onto the team? How do you part ways with a coach that is no longer a good fit for the organization?

Not having a process in place that clearly outlines the steps for how to deal with each of these questions leads to inefficiencies and can also lead to liability and risk of litigation.

This is why SOPs are so important.

Start Somewhere. Write It Down.

Creating SOPs can be an overwhelming exercise to start. What do you tackle first?

A good place to start is with all the processes that involve your members. We’ll touch on sales and marketing in more detail in next week’s email, but something like a New Member Flow Chart is low-hanging fruit when it comes to creating SOPs.

The process that a new member goes through is crucial, as it will set up the stage for their first impression of your business as a paying member. This experience also heavily influences how likely a new member is to refer a friend to your business, as well as purchase add-on services like personal training, nutrition coaching, or supplement sales.

Every member of your team—front desk staff and coaches alike—should be familiar with this new member process and be acutely aware of what specific actions they are responsible for.

Need a starting place to create your own New Member Flowchart? Download the flowchart NCFit made and use this as a jumping off point to create your own.

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The all-in-one affiliate software.

Know Your Numbers To Grow Your Numbers

We’re all here because we want our gym business to be more profitable in 2022.

Of course we want to positively impact more lives, but the only way to do that is with a healthy business that can allow us to continue to do what we love in a way that is financially sustainable.

Sales and marketing are a big piece to optimizing your revenue, but we’ll get into that next week, as they don’t matter much if you don’t have a solid grasp on your business’ numbers to begin with.

What SOPs do you have in place to forecast the number of members you need to hit your financial goals for the business? Have you ever forecasted those figures? Do you revisit your forecasts monthly or quarterly?

What you measure moves, which is why measuring your numbers with tried-and-tested SOPs is crucial if you’re looking to run a sound business.

Here’s a good place to start: What is the lifetime value (LTV) of your members? On average, how much is each member that signs up worth to your business? This number is important if you’re looking to forecast what your business needs to thrive.

Check out the LTV Model Worksheet we make available for our Collective gyms below and start learning your numbers so that you can grow them in 2022. 

But Wait … There’s More

SOPs are the gift that keeps on giving; there’s no end to how many processes and procedures your business could benefit from having written down and standardized for your entire team to reference.

If you don’t have SOPs in place, the key is to start creating them sooner rather than later. As your business scales, SOPs become increasingly important to have in place and the work to create them only becomes that much more daunting.

Collective gyms that we work with have access to nearly 100 different SOPs that we’ve built at NCFIT over the past decade of owning and running multiple locations. From job descriptions to PT policies, emergency action plans (EAPs), employee referral programs, and more—if you can think of it, we’ve probably turned it into an SOP and made it available for our Collective gyms to download via the Collective Corner resource website.

Whether you end up checking out the NCFIT Collective service or not, make sure you start documenting the procedures your business requires in 2022.

Sales, marketing, coaching, programming—that’s all the sexy stuff gym owners love to focus on. Yes, we’ll dive into some of that next week, but just remember that none of that matters much if your team doesn’t have a clear playbook to follow.

If you would like to get more business tips and learn how the Wodify platform can help your business growth, you can book a call here. Hope to talk to you soon!

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