New Content and Scoring for the Popular #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® Challenges

New Content and Scoring for the Popular #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® Challenges

New Content and Scoring for the Popular #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® Challenges

EC Synkowski runs OptimizeMe Nutrition, a company offering B2B/B2C educational products, mobile app-based challenges, and corporate wellness programs. She is a Certified Nutritionist Specialist®, a Licensed Dietician Nutritionist, and is a Certified Level 4 CrossFit coach.

With more than 500 gyms completing my #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® on Wodify Rise, I’m thrilled to announce their content and scoring system have been completely updated. And if you purchase before May 18,2022 – new customers get 20% off, while repeat customers save 30%!

You Do Not Need To Reinvent the Wheel, You Do Need to Engage

Every gym owner knows how important nutrition is for their member's results, and nutrition challenges offer a great way to scale your efforts while running a fun, community event. 

Many gym owners, however, try to reinvent nutrition when they run a new challenge. They pressure themselves to come up with some new “interesting” way to eat. But the truth is, the stuff that works is not new and “interesting.” It’s the tried-and-true basics of mostly whole, unprocessed foods done on repeat forever. It’s about getting enough quality foods without overshooting quantity. 

And most of your members aren’t doing it. They don’t need a new way to eat. They need to re-commit to doing what we all know works. Over 70% of people are overweight (CDC), and over 80% of people aren’t eating enough fruits and vegetables (USDA). So why focus on these 30-day extreme ideas like carnivore, keto, or no-sugar that are neither necessary nor sustainable enough for long-term results? We simply need to re-engage your members about the basics.

Wodify Rise: #1 App for tracking challenges.
Nutrition, weight loss, fitness and wellness.

Enter my plug-n-play gym challenges, where people focus on adding fruits & veggies (#800gChallenge®) or fruits, veggies, and protein (Lazy Macros® Challenge) without restricting any foods in the diet. These are what most people need to focus on. These are what most people need to focus on. Instead of coming up with a new idea for how to eat, shift your focus is on creating engagement. This would be: 1) How do you get more members to sign up? Or 2) How do you get more members to stick to it? 

Really simple things like running a well-organized challenge, reaching out to individuals, responding to all questions, and actively participating yourself go a long way toward building engagement. My challenges give the roadmap – and then you need to execute to drive interest and engagement. 

What Do the Challenges Include? 

My pre-built challenges are a way to offer nutrition for members without having to start from scratch. You reduce your time by more than 80% by getting the marketing materials, scoring rules, and educational content from me, as well as the instructions to build the challenge on the Wodify Rise app – a necessity to run a fun, engaging challenge. 

Both challenges include:

  • Step-by-step instructions for setting up Wodify Rise and running the challenge
  • Promotional social media posts & emails
  • Regular educational content to distribute throughout the challenge
  • Real-time scoring and leaderboards

The content differs between the #800gChallenge® and Lazy Macros® Challenge such that gyms can run both.

We’ve Already Run a Challenge; What’s New?

As of last month, both products have been overhauled with:

  • A shorter, streamlined promotional period (2-weeks) to drive sign-ups and new social media posts
  • Updated educational content – all delivered via captioned video content
  • New scoring system to foster engagement among members

Even if you’ve done the challenge(s) before, it’s a whole new experience! And repeat customers get 30% off. 

Remember, these pre-built challenges are designed to help bring in revenue for the affiliate. Even at a conservative fee of $25 per person for a challenge, a gym with 50 participants will generate over $1000. They’ll recoup their product costs and can compensate employees for additional work. 

“I must say, I'm very impressed with the communication and ease of set up.” 

Before Getting Started 

  • If your gym has not already run the #800gChallenge®, it is HIGHLY recommended to do that first. Once your group is successful with that, you can add the Lazy Macros Challenge at a later date.
  • Challenges purchased must kick-off within two months of the purchase date.
  • Download the Wodify Rise app for free at the Apple App and Google Play stores.
  • For questions about the #800gChallenge or the Lazy Macros Challenge, or product samples, email

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