Our Guide to Wodapalooza - Things to Do

What to do at Wodapalooza

When it comes to CrossFit competitions, there may not be a more universally beloved one than Wodapalooza, a fitness festival that brings fitness and a general love of life to the Miami, FL area every year. This January 11-14, Wodapalooza gets underway so that CrossFit athletes from all over the country can convene to establish themselves as elite competitors in the sport.

Top four things to do at Wodapalooza

Wodify users already are gearing up either to take part in these competitions live, attend them as viewers, or even participate in the Wodapalooza online competition. It all is very exciting for those that love these types of CrossFit competitions, and this year in particular there are a number of really fun events in which to partake.

Weightlifting face-off

While Wodapalooza has diversified itself quite a bit in terms of the events that are offered, the majority of the attention still falls on the CrossFit events. Specifically, the Weightlifting Face-Off is incredibly popular in large part because it’s such an exciting one to watch. With numerous events spanning numerous age categories, there are ways for just about everybody to compete, though the process of qualifying isn’t as easy as just showing up. Make sure you check the website for registration details before heading to Florida this winter.

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5K run

Wodapalooza also includes a 5K run, which of course is another way to showcase elite physical fitness in a competitive context. While many CrossFit athletes spend the majority of their workout time in the gym, there are several that supplement that work with intense cardio, which often comes in the form of running. Plus, 5K races are incredibly popular all over the country, and people love to compete in them. Adding one to a fitness competition seems only natural.


Of course, not everything at Wodapalooza has to be about competition. There are going to be all sorts of fun activities to do on the side, including yoga demonstrations. While not as high-impact as the weightlifting associated with CrossFit, plenty of athletes love yoga for its restful core-building and meditative qualities. Just keep an eye on the schedule of events for when these demonstrations will be taking place, and use them as a way to expand your horizons at a festival that typically associates itself with CrossFit first and foremost.

Online challenge

If you can’t make the actual event, consider joining one of the many online challenges made available by Wodapalooza. Even if you can’t enjoy the warm temperatures and sunny weather that Southern Florida provides in January, you still can compete with several other athletes by training with a CrossFit WOD list and showing your best effort when the competition rolls around in early 2018.

This really is a fun festival, and here at Wodify we recommend taking part in the Wodapalooza festivities however you can. Use our CrossFit app to help you train and gear up for one of the most comprehensive and enjoyable fitness competitions in the country!

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