Recapping our time at the 2014 Crossfit Games

The Wodify team is back after a whirlwind week of attending the 2014 CrossFit Games. We love exhibiting at the Games each year because it gives us an opportunity to talk face-to-face to box owners who use our software everyday. We also get a chance to meet new people and see how our software can help them run their business.

This year we had some of the best feedback we’ve ever received. Athletes, coaches, and managers all stopped by our tent to tell us how much they enjoy using Wodify and offer suggestions for things they’d like to see coming up next. We love hearing their feedback — and we took it back to our development team for continued Wodify improvements. We also met new people, took in a few events, and generally had a great time soaking in the fun and excitement that comes with the CrossFit Games.

Check out some of the photos we snapped over the course of the week:

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