5 Simple Strategies to Increase Martial Arts Enrollment

Simple Strategies to Increase Martial Arts Enrollment

5 Simple Strategies to Increase Martial Arts Enrollment

Running a successful Martial Arts business can be a challenge, especially when your business is only as successful as the number of students who enroll for classes. A mass enrollment of clients is what all business owners strive for on a monthly basis. You probably have tried discounts and promotional offers, but that’s now alway sthe most efficient method of recruiting new students all at once. 

It might be time to take a look at your member enrollment rates without having to discount your offerings. Having a quality facility with the finest equipment and a variety of disciplines like Karate and boxing could bring in more leads, but it all comes down to if they sign-up to join. 

Increasing your student enrollment is a common challenge for many business owners so we put together a list of simple strategies you can easily implement. These 5 helpful tips will help increase student enrollment numbers and keep it on the rise: 

 1. “Refer a Friend”

Word of mouth reviews tend to be the most trusted form of marketing for any business. Friends and family will be more inclined to sign-up themselves or their children for classes when other parents are recommending your business. 

There are a couple reasons why we hear word of mouth advertising working as a strong marketing strategy. One primary benefit is that referrals are a FREE marketing channel (aside from a small cost of the referral reward). This approach also sees great success because the audience is that of those who have already expressed interest in Martial Arts. It is important to let parents and students know they can spread the word about their experience, and in return receive a special perk. Developing a “Refer A Friend” program should allow your students to receive a free private lesson, lead a class, or walk away with a new t-shirt. These rewards are a simple way to incentivize your members to spread the word about your business and the different programs you offer.

2. Allow the Student to Become Teacher

You have a lot to complete and think about on a daily basis, so why not let your students help take some work off your plate. Choose a day of the week where you would like to have a mass enrollment and invite your students to all bring a friend(s) of theirs who are interested in trying out their first Martial Arts class. Sure, this sounds like the “refer a friend” program we just mentioned, but in this class your students will play a major part in their friends' progress. 

Host a class where students who bring a friend will be able to guide their guest through testing to receive a belt at the end of class. Once a guest has completed their guided testing your student will be able to place the white belt on their friend, aka your newest student. Rewarding your existing clients for their contributions will encourage them to continue to bring friends to these intro classes. This will create a sense of ownership and pride in your school, while helping students gain self confidence, and can bring in a mass enrollment of students.

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3. Host a team demo night 

Sometimes it’s hard to get prospective new students into your Martial Arts school because they are intimidated by the coaches, teachers, facilities or even other students. Hosting a public ‘Demo Night’ is a great chance to market your business by bringing individuals directly into your business and giving them a chance to observe. 

Think of this as an Open House, where families can come by to meet the owners or coaches and then watch a class filled with other students just like them. This approach is helpful for everyone, allowing all ages to attend the Demo Night and have multiple class demonstrations going on at once. This will allow for more people to see what types of techniques and skills they can acquire in your Martial Arts school.

May we also suggest using a system to help you plan your demo night with our FREE tool, Wodify Live. This is an easy to use event planning solution that handles everything including registration, tickets, and waivers.

4. Work with Local Businesses 

Stepping out of the walls of your business is another great way to bring more members in.  Reach out to some local schools, camps, and businesses to offer them a free seminar, no matter the age group. Local schools and camps will bring awareness to students about not only the benefits of Martial Arts but also the variety of classes you offer. Consider hosting a 30-45 minute interactive demonstration of some skills you teach and why your business is the best in town if anyone is considering learning more techniques or taking up Martial Arts.

The reality is that more schools and businesses are in need of self-defense classes to better equip their students and employees. With the rise of hate crimes in many areas, there is more curiosity in the Martial Arts industry than ever before. 

Don’t forget to hand out brochures about your business, the easier it is to get in contact with you the better. Students/campers will go home and show off to their parents as a chance to get mom or dad to sign them up for more and employees will still be thinking about what they learned in your demonstration!

5. Host Birthday Parties 

This is a fun and exciting way to show off your business while also getting leads through your front door. It’s a perfect solution for children to get a feel for what your facility and programs are like but also for the parents to see inside as well. When you host birthday parties, you are bringing in the ideal prospects for your classes. All guests are your student’s friends, which makes them your target audience and the activities will showcase Martial Arts in a fun way. That being said, the more memorable and out of the box ideas you can come up with, the better. With every successful birthday party the chances increase, the word will get around about your business. 

Here’s a couple of fun activities you can use:

  • Obstacle course
  • Coloring page contest
  • Breaking boards contest
  • Pinata breaking
  • Speed punching contest

These are just a few simple strategies to implement if you are ready to start increasing your Martial Arts enrollment. ‍If you implement a new approach or have more ideas make sure to tag us, @Wodify, so we can help spread the word!

Ready to start growing your Martial Arts business with mass enrollments? Give our team a call to learn more about how Wodify can help and get a free business consultation. Book your call here.

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