Take Control of Your Business with Wodify Blueprint

Gym owners looking to improve their business management skills can turn to Wodify Blueprint and discover (or re-discover) all the ways that Wodify can help. 

Wodify Blueprint is a set online courses and webinars that any gym owner can take to get the most out of their investment. Each one is free and can be completed or reviewed at any time, in any order. On average, course completion runs between 45-60 minutes, with webinars lasting about 30 minutes. The goal of Wodify Blueprint is to help gym owners become more familiar with the terminology and permissible actions inside their Wodify Core account, so they can save time and take full advantage of its helpful features. 

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Wodify Foundations

In this set of courses, gym owners and managers will grasp the main features of Wodify Core, including program and membership set-up, class attendance and reporting, and of course, how to get paid. Each course throughout Wodify Blueprint contains built-in quizzes, so users can better retain the knowledge they’ve learned. 

Foundations also includes information on additional products for performance tracking with Wodify Perform and in-gym heart rate training with Wodify Pulse. These courses provide step-by-step explanations and instructions on how to use both products to improve membership acquisition and retention.

Level 1

The Level 1 courses are the nuts and bolts of Wodify Core, where gym owners can dive deep into the features and functions they use most. Users will start by learning how to assign permissions to their staff and then follow the steps to add and access information inside each member’s Athlete Profile, including their contract, waiver, and billing cycle. 

Among other topics, these courses also explain how gym owners can drill down into individual financial and attendance reports to make better business decisions, and stay connected through automated and custom emails to their members. 

Level 2

The courses inside Level 2 have a singular focus. They’re designed to show established gyms how they can use Wodify Core’s specialized features to drive member acquisition, increase retention, and earn additional revenue. 

The Financial Settings course will walk users through customizing their revenue categories, charging appropriate sales tax, and viewing and editing invoices. In addition, Level 2 courses go into more depth on how gym owners can supplement their group training revenue through additional offerings like 1-on-1 personal training appointments, in-gym Point-of-Sale purchases, and online membership sales.  

Special Courses

Wodify has partnered with some of the industry’s top names for this set of courses, each one filled with proven strategies and best practices. Our guest experts share their step-by-step plans for gym owners to implement immediately to build up their own business. The plans they outline don’t necessarily cost money, but they do require a gym owner’s time and dedication in order to see results.


Along with our text-based courses, Wodify also produces a growing library of webinars that cover the most popular features of our software. Each one is hosted by our in-house experts, along with frequent guests spanning the entire fitness industry. Viewers interested in participating in the Q&A portion of upcoming webinars can subscribe [here].

So what are you waiting for? Use this time to dig into Wodify Blueprint and learn how you can harness the full power of Wodify when your gym is back up and running!

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