Wodify Tips: The ins and outs of Wodify

Wodify’s cutting-edge gym management software is always evolving. While our features may change, we never lose sight of the four goals that inspired us to launch Wodify in 2012 — to help athletes measure workout results, strive for constant improvement, create community and connect to their gyms anytime, anywhere. We use these four principles to measure the success of our gym software.

1. Fitness with data-driven results.

Built by gym rats, for gym rats, Wodify’s gym management software can transform yoga studios, Crossfit boxes and Strength & Conditioning clubs into data-driven wellness networks. Athletes can log workout results, their diets and more with Wodify’s performance tracking tools, allowing gym members to visualize their progress and hold themselves accountable.

2. Every day is an opportunity to get better.

You can’t improve what you don’t measure, which is why we designed gym software that makes performance tracking simple. After a workout, gym members can enter their results either into the Wodify kiosk or smartphone app. There’s zero homework. Wodify allows each athlete to see their past benchmarks, giving them a mental goal to meet and beat every time they go to the gym.

Wodify: #1 Performance Tracking software.
Attract members and build community.
3. Gym software that builds community.

Wodify’s gym software comes with features like social likes and comments that enable athletes to connect inside the gym and out. They let athletes celebrate performances and build friendships, inspiring a sense of healthy competition.

Wodify also provides tools for recognizing individual achievements. After each workout, Wodify places digital ribbons next to an athlete’s name when they hit a personal record.  Our gym software also provides a section to describe scaling so athletes can compare themselves to others with like performance.

4. Connecting gyms to their members 24/7. 

You are never without access to Wodify. Our cloud-based application is accessible from any device that accepts web standards and works across all the major mobile platforms, including the iPhone, Android and Windows Mobile 7. Wodify can be accessed at home, in the box, at work, or on-the-go. Just when athletes thought they could not be more obsessed with working out, enter Wodify. Its athlete management software made simple.

To make that experience even better, our developers are hard at work on new apps for coaches and athletes. Each come with powerful tools, intuitive interfaces, and expanded functionality, so we’ll keep you posted as they get closer to launching.

Learn More About our Gym Management Software 

Our software is always changing. But no matter how much we grow, Wodify stays true to its original mission: to innovate the business of fitness with seamless technology solutions. 

Wodify’s gym management features are bridging the gap between businesses and athletes. Over 4,000 gyms trust us to strengthen their businesses, and we could change the game for you, too.

Book a free consultation with us today to learn how our all-in-one fitness management software can grow your gym.

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