The Top 10 CrossFit-Related Instagram Accounts to Follow in 2020

Whether you spend hours creating that perfect post, or follow your favorite accounts with the dedication of a 5am WODder, Instagram is a great way to stay connected to the topics and people that matter to you.  

With that in mind, here are a few of the best CrossFit-related Instagram accounts you may not be aware of. But should! They all deserve a follow, as each one will add a dose of humanity, humor, and positivity to your feed in its own unique way.  

1. Feeding The Frasers (@feedingthefrasers)

Sammy Moniz doesn’t get as much publicity as her husband Mat Fraser, but that doesn’t mean you should skip her account. It’s filled with photos, recipes, and stories about what she’s cooking for her family. And no, it’s not all skinless chicken breasts and steamed broccoli. With easy-to-follow directions to go along with the well-styled photography, we bet you’ll be eating like a champ. We just can’t promise you’ll perform like one.

2. AMRAP Mentality (@amrapmentality)

Games champ Jason Khalipa has had plenty of experience working out at hotel fitness centers and traditional gyms that aren’t set up for CrossFit. Recognizing that many of us face the same challenges, his account features workouts that can be completed with limited equipment. 

3. Heber Cannon | Marston Sawyers | The Buttery Bros (@hebercannon | @marzmedia  | @butterybros)

Heber Cannon and Marston Sawyers a.k.a. The Buttery Bros. are the guys behind some of CrossFit’s most popular documentaries (Froning, Fittest on Earth, etc.) As their popularity has grown, so has their access to the CrossFit personalities you love. They travel the competition circuit getting exclusive content while still finding time to goof around. Check out their accounts for great stories and behind-the-scenes photos of your favorite athletes in action.

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4. Jacob Heppner (@Jheppner66)

Jacob Heppner is an elite CrossFit athlete, but that doesn’t mean he can’t nerd out every once in a while, poke fun at himself, or stay humble while documenting his workout progress. Follow his account for training and lifestyle photos, but make sure to read the comments too!

5. Michelle Letendre (@Mich_letendre)

Michelle Letendre is an athlete, coach, programmer, and all-around amazing woman. Her account covers a lot of territory from personal to professional, including valuable coaching tips. Hey, if they’re good enough for Patrick Vellner, and Laura Horvath, they’re good enough for you.

6. Kara Saunders (@karasaundo)

CrossFit Games podium finisher Kara Saunders took some time off from competing to become a mom, but now she’s back to training with a tiny gym partner in tow. Her account features inspirational stories of how her life and workouts have evolved since her daughter was born; an experience many crossfitters can relate to.

7. John Lindsey (@themovementjourney)

John Lindsey is a strength and conditioning specialist who posts videos of mobility exercises that everyone can do with limited equipment like bands or plates, or none at all. For many of us who enjoy CrossFit, “mobility” is a four-letter word similar to “running”, but it has to be done. 

8. Josh Pirtle (@Fluffy_duck)

For those of us who love CrossFit along the shared misery that comes from a brutal WOD, there’s Josh Pirtle’s @Fluffy_duck account. It’s full of hilarious fitness memes that anyone who’s ever lifted a barbell can relate. Note: some posts are NSFW (language), so be aware. 

9. John Wooley (@makewodsgreatagain)

John Wooley is a podcast host who also runs a mean Instagram account. His posts are a mix of challenging workouts, inspirational stories, and funny, relatable memes. It’s another account that elite and non-elite athletes will definitely appreciate. Again, just be mindful of NSFW language.

10. The daddy WOD (@thedaddywod)

As a fellow crossfitting dad, @thedaddywod has content that hits reallllly close to home. Like the name implies, dads love CrossFit WODs, CrossFit dad jokes, and CrossFit dad references. If some of the posts are lost on a younger generation, so be it. They have everything else. Let me have this! 

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