The Wodify Retention Recipe: Mastering the Art of the Hybrid Experience

The Wodify Retention Recipe: Mastering the Art of the Hybrid Experience

The Wodify Retention Recipe: Mastering the Art of the Hybrid Experience

In a world where hybrid and remote work are becoming the norm, fitness facilities have emerged as unique spaces where individuals actively seek in-person community engagement. Recognizing this shift, it's essential for fitness businesses to harness technology to deliver a world-class in-person experience while maintaining excellence even outside the facility. In this blog post, we'll explore the strategies to craft an unparalleled hybrid experience for your fitness community, focusing on four key areas:

1. Support Coaches with Digital Tools

Empowering your coaches with the right tools is paramount in creating a high-quality hybrid experience. Here's how you can do it:

  • Utilize coaching technology to get to know your community better. Encourage coaches to use tools that enable them to get to know students on a deeper level. For example, with Wodify Coach View, coaches are able to see the progress history of all of the students who attend class. This kind of insight gives coaches a deeper understanding of the community's needs and preferences, allowing them to fine-tune their classes and guidance.
  • Leverage video technology during class. Sometimes a class is so large that it is difficult to pay attention to every single person in the room and ensure they are performing the technique correctly. Try displaying looping videos during class on a TV screen so clients can glance up during class and self-correct without needing direct instructor assistance. Interested in videos during class? Check out Wodify’s Kiosk+.

2. Personalize the In-Class Experience

Ideally, these tools with which you provide your instructors will assist in creating an ultra-personalized class experience. When instructors are able to have a birds-eye view of who’s in class, they can tailor the class accordingly. For example, if they know that the class is 40% new students, they’ll be prepared to offer more in-depth descriptions of the workout. 

With Wodify Coach View, coaches can add tags to client profiles that note things like if the client is new or has an injury. Additionally, if the coaches take pictures or videos of the client performing certain movements, they can seamlessly upload it to the client’s profile so they can review them after class.

3. Prepare Members for Class

To maintain a high-quality hybrid experience, ensure your members are well-prepared for their classes. Here's how:

  • Prep Clients with Pre-Class Content. Share class agendas and videos in advance to set expectations and boost engagement. This transparency helps members mentally prepare and build anticipation. With Wodify, you can program workouts in advance so that members can see the agenda on their phones ahead of class. 
  • Equip Clients With Video: Supplement the agenda with instructional videos that guide members on proper form, technique, and the specific exercises they'll be doing. These resources empower members to approach the class with confidence and enthusiasm. With Wodify, you can embed videos of your choice into the Workout Builder so your clients can see the videos via the Wodify App.

4. Provide Communication Forums Beyond the Four Walls of Your Facility

We spoke about this in the blog about cultivating community engagement, but effective communication is key to maintaining a sense of community, both within and outside your facility. While it’s important to foster real-time communication between coaches and members during classes, it is just as important to leverage technology to allow members to ask questions, seek guidance, and share their experiences as they happen. 

Create dedicated online forums, groups, or social platforms for members to communicate, share their fitness journeys, and provide support outside of the gym. This extends the sense of belonging and community beyond the physical space. With Wodify, you can do this via in-app chat where clients can communicate individually or you can create class-specific group chats.

A high-quality hybrid experience is crucial for retaining loyal members in the modern fitness landscape. These in-person and digital strategies will help you maintain a strong sense of connection, encourage progress, and ensure your members are excited to return for every workout. 

In the next blog post in this series, we will explore the third key ingredient: client accountability. Stay tuned for more insights on how to keep your fitness community engaged and loyal.

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