Tips for Keeping Your CrossFit Programming Interesting

When it comes to developing CrossFit programming, it can be easy to get sucked into fairly cliché daily workouts that follow the WODs set out by uninspired trainers interested only in getting up max weight and speeding through workouts at record times. Many gym members don’t operate this way, however, and require a little bit of variety in their CrossFit workouts. That’s why constantly-varied exercises are so important for a gym.

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Here at Wodify, we have a few ideas about how to keep your own programming fresh this summer, so if you’re looking for ways to innovate upon the standard workout of the day, consider one of the following ideas:

Keep an Eye on the Weather

Especially in the non-winter seasons, when a beautiful day draws members out into the fresh air, gyms can purposefully plan activities outdoors. If it’s going to rain, plan your programming inside, obviously, but plenty of CrossFit training opportunities await in the great outdoors, as well. Plenty of 20-minute workouts and “reps of each” exercises can occur outdoors, so if the weather is good, make use of it.

Implement Fun Activities with Wodify Pulse

For gyms that use Wodify Pulse, which works in conjunction with MYZONE heart-rate monitors, there are unique ways to get gym members to be more competitive and work harder on their WODs. Whether you’re tracking kettlebell swings, wall balls, or power cleans, heart rate monitoring is great for keeping everyone honest and working their hardest. Plus, integrating any sort of technology into a workout is a nice change of pace for some gym members.

Encourage Partner Workouts

Another way to keep people motivated is to organize partner workouts. While there certainly are plenty of people that are happy to undergo their daily exercise alone, purposefully planning some partner workouts can help engage the people in your gym. Partner-focused programming is a nice break from the types of individual workouts many CrossFit athletes usually undertake.

Run CrossFit Open Heats

Another idea for some workout inspiration is to run open heats during CrossFit Open season. We have clients that often choose to block out a few hours on a Saturday to allow athletes to run through CrossFit Open heats. Ariel Denoto, the office manager at Crossfit Grandview, even brings in a DJ to help get people pumped up during these workouts. They also bring in judges and make the whole afternoon a big event. Once the workouts are done, the gym hosts a Post-CrossFit Open Party, which is the type of fun event that gym members look forward to attending.

Any CrossFit WOD can help an athlete work their way toward optimal fitness and personal records, but doing the same thing too often can get a little boring. Keep your CrossFit programming fresh this summer by trying some of these new ideas. Wodify software can help, and with the right ideas, you could completely revamp the way you get your customers excited about programming.

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