Top CrossFit news for the month of April 2018

April 2018 was another busy month in the world of CrossFit, especially with the Regionals and Games Season coming up. We know it can be a lot to take in, so in case you missed it, here are 10 of the hottest headlines in CrossFit from the last month.

Nationwide CrossFit gyms raise money for vets

April 29th marks the anniversary of Iraq War hero Travis Manion’s death. To commemorate that, athletes from 50 gyms across the country will complete HERO workouts to honor Manion and raise funds for veterans in his name.

CrossFit getting into food business

The CrossFit brand will join with meat company Strauss Food to help health and fitness-minded people find food they can trust. Customers will be given access to “CrossFit approved,” grass-fed beef and free-range chicken, which is considered healthier than other options.

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How cyclist Selene Yeager used CrossFit to train

After writing off CrossFit early on as something for muscly meatheads, Yeager adopted the sport herself and now calls it “one of the best training decisions I’ve ever made.” Her article at explains why.

Fitness competitions on the rise

This article discusses the rise of CrossFit, and how amid steadily increasing gym membership numbers, competition is the wave of the future for keeping people healthy.

Eight things to know before starting CrossFit

If you’ve been thinking about getting involved in CrossFit, Insider suggests taking these eight things into consideration before taking the plunge. Every concern you may have about the sport before starting is covered by this informational article.

One-armed woman shows anyone can do CrossFit

Katie Long proves that anybody can participate in CrossFit. Her training requires a few simple modifications since she is missing half of one arm. Nevertheless, she can perform almost all of the same workouts as anybody else in her gym.

CrossFit Regionals viewing guide for May

CrossFit Regionals begin on May 18 in Albany, Salt Lake City, and Berlin. This viewing guide courtesy of CBS Sports helps spectators and viewers get a sense of when and where they can view all the major forthcoming events.

Six killer workouts with thrusters

If you are an advanced CrossFit athlete and are looking for especially challenging workouts, this list offers some truly rigorous WODs. You’ll find push-pull movements, rope climbs, pull-ups and more. Many of them are combined with thrusters for a seriously challenging workout.

Woman swaps cardio for CrossFit and sees big results

Julia Parzyck used to engage in endless cardio out of pressure to be thin. But since swapping cardio for CrossFit (and adding 20 pounds of muscle), she feels happier and healthier than ever.

Sixteen-year-old girl among country’s top CrossFit athletes

Age ain’t nothing but a number, as Uwharrie Charter Academy junior Shay Witsaman has proven time and again at just 16 years old. She is among the highest-rated athletes in her region — all while balancing school, friends and family.

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