Top CrossFit News for the Month of February, 2019

The 2019 Open is in full swing, so with CrossFit on everyone’s mind, let’s look back at  some of the most newsworthy and inspiring fitness stories from the past month.

You’re never too old to get fit and healthy

Read this inspiring story of a 72 year-old women who does CrossFit to stay active.

How important are the Games?

This article from Morning Chalk Up offers an opinion about the Games’ role in the world of CrossFit.

4500 gyms switched to Wodify.
The Leading Gym Software.

CrossFit fights disease in more ways than one

Learn how Minnesota’s CrossFit community has come together to help a little boy.

Challenge HQ at your own risk

Legal cases against CrossFit once again get swatted down in court.

Crossfitting during and after pregnancy

Inside the fight to allow pregnant and postpartum athletes to continue to train.

The CrossFit competition pool gets a little bigger

This article offers details about HQ’s new move to “license” certain competitions.

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