Top CrossFit News for the Month of March, 2019

With the 2019 Open workouts dominating all the headlines and destroying most of what’s left of our dignity, let’s focus on some positive news stories that happened in the world of CrossFit during the month of March.

One vet finds a home through CrossFit

Read Morning Chalk Up’s story about how one vet turned his life around in honor of those who didn’t return home.

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You come at the king...

Yet another CrossFit critic is forced to apologize for false claims.

Dumbbells overhead, ocean underneath

An amusing first-hand account of the “Crossfit on the Waves” cruise.

The story of Redemption Road Fitness

How some inmates are earning redemption by completing their L1 certification behind bars.

You, me, and 20,000 doctors

Greg Glassman’s plan to change the health, wellness, and fitness world.

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