What are members asking for that they weren’t a year ago?

In an industry as competitive as CrossFit, and fitness in general, any advantage a gym owner can grab makes a huge difference. In an effort to give our customers a leg up on the latest fitness trends, we asked a few of them to tell us what their members are asking for today that they weren’t a year ago. 

While we can’t do much about providing bigger spaces or new kettlebells, Wodify can help you use your space and equipment more efficiently. 

“Due to high demand, we’re now offering personal training sessions for members to meet one-on-one with a trainer to work on specific movements.”
— Sophie LaChance, The Port

Whether included in your membership price or offered as stand-alone appointments, personal training sessions are a great way to take advantage of the times your gym isn’t crowded with athletes. Your business benefits from an additional revenue stream, and you can attract a whole new audience not comfortable with group classes.

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Wodify Appointments can make it easy for your members and coaches to schedule their sessions with our Self-Service Appointment Calendar. If you’re already a Wodify customer, you have full access, so start letting your members know how they can get 1-on-1 services! 

“Everyone is obsessed with HIIT. We spend time educating people on why HIIT is just one part of a balanced fitness program.”
— Noah Kinner, Urban Fitness Oakland

Programming can be a sensitive subject for gym owners. Many feel that their unique workouts are the ‘secret sauce’ that set their gym apart. Others may just want to get their weekly programming over and done with as quickly as possible. 

It’s possible to have the best of both worlds. Outsourcing gym programming allows gym owners to get expertly curated workouts while saving hours that could be better spent coaching, nurturing new leads, or even relaxing away from work. Additionally, outsourced programming often includes a wide range of classes to attract a wider membership base.

The WOD Marketplace features programs and class plans written by the industry’s top programmers, many of which are all-inclusive. Gym owners will no doubt find one that matches what their members are asking for today.

“Our athletes have been asking for 24/7 access to the box.”
Brad MacMillan, CrossFit Pound

As much as your members would love to get to class or Open Gym on time, life sometimes gets in the way. Offering them access on their schedule alleviates this problem, but there are still security, liability, and staffing concerns. 

Fortunately there are technology companies like HybridAF who specialize in providing 24/7 access through a mobile app that notifies the gym owner of who entered their gym and when. It’s an easy way to take advantage of unused space during non-class hours, while creating a new revenue stream as an additional member benefit. 

Wodify Core has a Zapier integration with HybridAF already set up to make operations even smoother. When signing up, be sure to mention that you’re a Wodify user and save $1,000 off your set-up fee!

“We get a lot of requests for more individual and team competitions.”
Ryan Palermo, Beacon MMA & CrossFit

It’s no secret that in-house competitions are a great way to bring your gym community closer together. Getting members out of their comfort zone and into a heightened environment leads to surprising achievements, new friendships, and tighter bonds. Competitions can also potentially lead to new members. Sure, they’re there for the competition but they’re also checking out how your gym stacks up to their current one.

Staying on schedule and on budget are critical factors, not only for your athletes’ enjoyment, but your own. What’s the point of organizing a competition if you’re going to spend the day stressing out? 

Keep yourself from getting overwhelmed with Wodify Arena. Our simple, straightforward competition software costs nothing to get started, and will help you stay on top of ticket sales, promotions, judge assignments, and more. When you’re ready to start planning, be sure to make use of our FREE comprehensive checklist that will help you plan your competition months in advance and alleviate the most common headaches. 

What are your athletes asking for that they weren’t a year ago?
Let us know on social media and tag @wodify! 

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