4 smart gym management tips for owners with no time

Over the past decade, CrossFit has become one of the most popular and challenging fitness programs in the world. And that popularity has spawned the growth of more than 13,000 CrossFit gyms in 120 countries, with more than four million people obsessed with mastering this intense fitness program.

As a result, the competition isn’t just confined to the athletes devoted to CrossFit; it’s also triggered an arms race between owners of these boxes.

And only those who implement the proper gym management methods will survive. With that in mind, here are some gym marketing strategies you can use to ensure that your gym continues to grow.

1. Create exciting content

In our digital world, content is king, which is why you must have an outstanding website that provides users with valuable information.

In this context, valuable information is any content that answers the question: How can CrossFit make my life better?

But your content must also convey your authority so that users trust that you and your team are experts in all facets of CrossFit training.

When users feel as if you are providing them with something that fills a need or a want, they are more likely to engage with your gym.

2. Utilize social media

CrossFit is a visual fitness program that is most enticing when it’s presented in videos and images. That’s why you should focus on social marketing campaigns on Snapchat, Instagram, and Facebook, where short, entertaining visual images and videos are encouraged and consumed.

You can also use social media to host live video streaming events. For example, you may want to host a live demo of one of your CrossFit training sessions, while also allowing users to ask questions during the streaming event.

This is a fantastic example of the kind of gym promotion that highlights what makes your box different, while also providing valuable information on the basic workout regimens you offer.

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3. Get personal

The mental and physical toughness required for CrossFit can create a strong bond between devotees, and you should capitalize on this by getting to know each of your members on a personal basis.

This helps you learn more about their individual goals, but it also makes them feel as if they are part of a family, instead of just visitors who come to sweat and get fit.

Getting personal also allows you to plan events that can include members of your gym. For example, you can take a group to local CrossFit competitions as a way to build greater unity, or you can even plan fun activities such as hikes and barbecues.

And when your members feel that kinship, they are much more likely to refer others to your box, and post great reviews on social media.

4. Seize the moment

Think of your gym members not just as athletes or fitness fanatics, but also as customers who crave a fulfilling experience. Provide them with a killer website full of actionable content, social media campaigns that are visual and exciting, and personalized care that makes them feel valued, and you will reap the rewards.

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