What to Know Before Your First Martial Arts Class

What to Know Before Your First Martial Arts Class

If you are looking to get into Martial Arts but unsure where to start, keep reading. Here are the top five questions to ask yourself, or your potential new studio.

Pick a style

According to the Oxford Dictionary, the meaning of “Martial Arts” is “various sports or skills, mainly of Japanese origin, that originated as forms of self-defense or attack.”. There are many different styles of Martial Arts that are practiced all over the world, so we compiled the top 5 styles that you can read about here. We highly suggest trying different styles to find which one you like best!

Workout or Self-Defense?

The answer is BOTH! Regardless if you are looking to get in shape or you want to be able to defend yourself - Martial Arts is right for you. You’ll walk onto the mat as a beginner and walk off with confidence no matter your reason why.

Pick a School

Like fitness gyms, most Martial Arts studios or schools have free trials running. Some schools will offer a first class for free, or even a first week for free. Contact local schools in your area to find which style would fit you best. We also compiled a list of the top schools in different areas of the United States on our blog. Take a peek, try a bunch of different schools and when you visit, be sure to let them know that Wodify sent you!

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Be prepared

Depending on which style you choose, you may need a uniform that is usually provided by the studio, often referred to as a “Gi”. According to Engage, other helpful pieces of equipment you may need are, boxing gloves, shin guards, head guard, mouth guard, gloves, shorts, rash guards, and/or groin guard. Make sure to check with the studio before your first class!

Drop the ego and have respect

The number one rule, regardless of which style you decide on, is to be respectful. The best way to be accepted into the Martial Arts community is to let go of your ego and be willing to learn from everyone who surrounds you.

Once you pick your style of Martial Arts, touch base with the school, and start your first class, be sure to share your journey online and tag us @wodify! 

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