Wodify Warrior: James Foster

“Practice, practice, practice”, is the tried and true philosophy of our newest Wodify Warrior, James Foster. James, the 29-year-old special needs athlete, has been doing CrossFit for two years over at QTown CrossFit in Quincy, Illinois. Every Monday and Wednesday, rain or shine, Foster enters QTown CrossFit loaded with high-fives for everybody and prepared to push the limits with trainers Sam and Jen Dancer.

James and Sam sit on a couple of rowers with their large iced coffees to have a discussion about what it means to be a Warrior every day. Sam starts us off wonderfully, “we are two bros drinkin’ joe on the row and we’re doing something called Wodify Warrior.”


W: How long have you been CrossFitting?

J: A lot!

S: How long have you been CrossFitting at QTown Crossfit? Two years maybe?

J: Two years.

W: How often do you work out?

S: Monday and Wednesdays, twice a week?

J: Twice a week.

S: Who do you work out with?

J: Monday with you, Wednesday with Jenny [Dancer] a lot of cardio.

S: On Wednesday with Jen you do a lot of cardio and on Monday with me you sling weights.

W: Do you feel like exercising here at QTown has made a difference in your life?

J: A lot. I’m doing row, I’m doing all the wall balls

S: Are you stronger?

J: I’m stronger like you and Jen.

S: Who do you think’s stronger me or Jenny?

J: Jenny

S: Who’s stronger me or you?

J: Me

S: Whoa!

W: Do you ever feel like you don’t want to work out and don’t want to come in? You ever just not in the mood?

J: I wasn’t in the mood today.

S: That happened today, didn’t it? It was kind of upsetting, wasn’t it? You had a tough time on the wall balls, we did 17.4 today, you were having a tough time coordinating movement, stringing together multiple repetitions. You were sad after it. There’s definitely days where you don’t want to work out, you still come in here. You work out. You get it done. You use that as a way to learn some lessons, become a better human being. You did that today. Well, I think you did a lot more than that today. You still had a pretty strong performance. You gained some wisdom and apparently took my wife on a long walk.

J: Yeah, it’s her birthday week.

W: The overall attitude at QTown CrossFit?

S: Good vibes, good feelings when you come in here?

J: Good vibes, nice people, nice you.

S: Do you think that you change the feeling around here, the vibe around here? When you walk into the building do people act better…are people treating each other nicer? Being more personal with one another. Cause what do you do as soon as you get here? You start high fiving everybody, talking to everybody, forcing them to kinda get out of their comfort zones. You get personal with yourself and other people.

J: Yeah. Right!

S: That’s some serious character right there. Have you always been like that?

J: Yeah, my whole life. I love it!

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W: What’s your nutrition like, what’s your diet like?

S: I like this question. Has it changed since you’ve been here?

J: No. It’s good.

S: No? Your diet has always been good? What about them sodas you used to drink?

J: Bad!

S: You stopped drinking sodas? And you replaced with… water, LaCroix, and coffee.

J: I’m drinking LaCroix and water. Coffee, KILL CLIFFs…

S: Do you feel like changing your nutrition has made you healthier?

J: Yes.

S: I believe so too. You look better, you act better. I got to be more like you.

J: Yeah, I know you got to act more like Jen does.

W: What’s your favorite thing to do here?

J: Row, jump rope…

S: Alright fine, when I get back we’re going to jump rope and you better not complain about it.

J: Alight, I like it. Row, jump rope, box jump, burpee box jump overs, hand stands, and med ball slams.

S: Do you like wall balls?

J: Yes.

S: You didn’t seem to like ‘em today. You gonna work on ‘em?

J: Oh, yeah, going to practice, practice, practice.

S: Practice, practice, practice, that’s how you do it man!

W: Are there any game changing things that you have learned or can’t live without…?

S: …besides coffee?

J: Drinking water, KILL CLIFFS, and you.

S: Me? You couldn’t live without me?

J: I love you so much!

S: I love you so much too.

J: And Jen does too.

W: Is there anything else that you love or enjoy or like about coming here?

J: I like your hair.

S: You like my hair or you like it here?

J: I like your hair and I like it here. I like both!

S: is there anything you want to say to your fans?

J: They’re nice people, I like to row, drink LaCroix.

Let’s go over this: It’s important to be nice to people, drink water, breathe, you got to breathe, and eat well and practice, practice, practice. And there’s always things to get better at. I love it!

J: Practice, practice, practice.

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