Wodify Warrior: Lisa Weatherby

"Your story is your greatest tool”

W: How did you find CrossFit and for how long?

L: I’ve been doing it for a year in February. I found it through my friend Matt, I was doing Physical Therapy, and my insurance kept kicking me out, you only get so many days at a time of Physical Therapy. I knew my friend Matt came here so asked him if anyone here would be willing to train me and he put me in touch with Jesse so I started here.

How often do you workout?

L: I workout 4 days a week, with Jesse Tues/Thurs and 2 days a week on my own. We’re like brother and sister - we bust each others balls all day. There’s no filter in here, which I love. It’s like a little family, all the trainers, everybody is so encouraging, it’s such a positive attitude here.”

W:Do you feel like it’s made a difference and if so, how?

L: I’ve made a ton of progress, the workouts are easier to get through, I have more control over my body. I feel stronger as a whole. I think I’m strong anyway, but just proving to myself that I can do these things makes me feel much stronger mentally and physically.

W: Do you ever not want to come workout? -

L: No especially when I’m with Jesse, I look forward to my CrossFit days.

Sometimes when I’m on my own, I feel like I could skip, but I never skip just because don’t want to come. I feel accomplished when I’m done.

W: Is that the overall attitude at CrossFit 1Force?

L: Everybody here is super encouraging -[ I have a fitness Instagram account]  when I started it - people would come up to me and comment on it - people would introduce themselves and say hi just because they found me inspiring.

I can’t get over the support from people, it’s so cool that everyone wants me to do well. It makes me want to laugh, it’s so crazy to me to know that if I can do it people think they can.

“Once you put your mind to it you can do it, the only one stopping you is you”

W: How old are you?

L: 25

W: What’s the plan, what do you want to do?

L: I want to go to school for nutrition, and then get my doctorate in Nutrition. I Would love to be a nutritionist and work at a hospital, or with senior citizens.

W:What’s your nutrition like?

I eat Super clean

W: Were you like this before CrossFit or is this a change because of CrossFit?

L: Crossfit bought it out in me, I’m not going to workout and then eat like crap it defeats the purpose.

W: What’s your favorite thing to do in the gym?

L: Squats, I’ve made big improvements for sure before it was really jerky and now I have so much more control. I feel like - not that I couldn’t do it, but it took a while for my brain to tell my body what to do. Now I feel like when I do it it’s so easy. Deadlifts are also a favorite. I thought it was going to be way harder than it was and then i was like yeah this isn’t that hard.

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W: Any game changing things you learned or you can’t live without?

L: Yes! This is a gripping aid - it’s called Active Hands, it’s amazing it makes it so I can’t drop the bar or whatever I’m using. Which is important because it’s dangerous if I drop something on someone.

W: Any other game changers?

L: I had this surgery called Appendicostomy, this totally changed the game for me doing things on my own. It’s given me independance so I don’t need someone to help me pee. I can’t just go up to some random person in the mall and ask them to help me pee! Now I can do things on my own, I can be somewhere for a longer amount of time and not have to think - oh I shouldn’t have too much to drink because I might have to pee!

W: You are so good natured, and have an amazing attitude… What makes you mad?

L: When people are ignorant to me, for example when you see me turning into a door and you don’t hold the door - if you see me going to the door - hold the door!

W: Seems reasonable…

L: When you’re ignorant to that kind of thing - when people that don’t need it park in handicapped spot and we drive all around the parking lot, and then you walk out of your car. That stuff makes me mad.

W: What have you learned from all this?

L: “I feel like the crossfit showed me how strong I am. It snowballed into such a big thing..

Before I’d be like oh I can’t do that. Now I’m like let me try...and now I’m like ok if I can’t do that, let me try another way. I never say no anymore.

Editor’s note: Lisa is just a ball of positive energy and light. She’s amazing to watch and a huge inspiration to those around her. Thank you so much Lisa for allowing us to understand your struggles and also show us your strength and beauty.

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