Wodify x NCFIT Collective: A New Era of Fitness Programming

Wodify x NCFIT Collective: A New Era of Fitness Programming

Wodify x NCFIT Collective: A New Era of Fitness Programming

Wodify is excited to announce that we are joining forces with Jason Khalipa and the NCFIT Collective to usher in a new era of fitness programming delivery. Gym owners that use Wodify can now add NCFIT Collective to their subscription and enjoy the advantage of having expert fitness programming and coaching development seamlessly integrated with their Wodify Core environment, eliminating the need to manually enter workouts and class notes.

Jason Khalipa is the founder of NCFIT, a premium fitness business which has grown to 20+ gyms around the world, and a 2008 CrossFit™ Games Champion.

“One of Wodify’s primary goals is to help gym owners and admins spend less time on recurring tasks and more time growing their business,”

said Wodify’s Chief Marketing Officer, Brendan Rice.

“Delivering world class programming like NCFIT Collective to our users, in a simple fashion, is one way we can improve their lives.”
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World-class programming, Seamlessly integrated with Wodify.

The backbone of The NCFIT Collective is NC60, a traditional sixty-minute functional fitness workout. However, because Khalipa is a gym owner himself, he understands that athletes are not one-size-fits-all. “They have different ability levels, goals, and time constraints. That’s why we expanded our programming to meet their needs,” he said.

The NCFIT Collective is a set of three inclusive, but intensive, fitness programs: NC60, NC45, and NC30, as well as two auxiliary programs: NC BURN and NC COMPETE. As their names imply, the programs are tailored to meet the time demands and objectives of busy athletes. Gym owners now have an easy way to add different class types to their schedule to reach a wider audience.

While the benefits to owners and athletes are plenty, what’s even more exciting about The NCFIT Collective is its ability to act as an ongoing development tool for coaches. Much more than simply a week’s worth of workouts with a few notes added in, all subscribers receive daily session plans that provide the ‘What’, ‘How’, ‘When’, and ‘Why’ behind each component of the class.

Coaches receive the workout stimulus, suggested warm-up exercises, a minute-by-minute class timeline, effective scaling options, tips and tricks from experienced coaches, and video instructions of the movements included in each workout. Before they step on the gym floor, every coach will feel confident in their knowledge of the day’s workout and their ability to lead the class.

The NCFIT Collective, and its seamless integration to your existing Wodify software, is a simple, trouble-free way to save gym owners hours of admin work that could be better spent elsewhere, while developing their coaches and meeting the demands of their athletes.


1. Are the programs customizable?

Yes! You can easily edit each workout within Wodify Core to account for special occasions, equipment limitations, competitions, and more.

2. Can I re-name the programs to suit my gym?

Yes! Your gym is your brand, so call them what you want.

3. How do I sign up??

Head HERE to learn more and book a call with someone on our team!

4. Do I need any special fitness equipment?

We recommend having all of the equipment you’d normally find in a functional fitness gym. If movements with less common equipment are programmed, substitutes will be included in the session plan.

5. Can my entire coaching staff access the session plans?

Yes! Wodify’s partnership with The NCFIT Collective permits every coach on your staff to access the session plans, workouts, videos, etc.

6. How much does it cost?

The month-to-month subscription is a flat fee of $129 or the equivalent in your local currency.

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