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Semear - Land of Opportunities, is a sustainable program that helps children, young people, and adults with intellectual and developmental difficulties become more comfortable in society and better prepared to enter the labor force. Through training and skills development in the agricultural and retail industries, participants learn how to maintain regular employment and feel more included in their community.

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For our latest Philanthropy event, Wodify’s Lisbon-based team visited agricultural fields and participated in three projects that make Semear a unique program:

  • ‘Semear Academia’: a training and skills development space for participants to improve their employability in the fields of agriculture and retail.

  • ‘Semear na terra’, an agricultural platform, where trainees work to plant and harvest fruits and vegetables that they can sell in their store, along with other pre-packaged foods.
  • ‘Semear Mercearia’, a store environment where participants prepare, pack, and sell baskets containing freshly harvested foods from the ‘Semear na terra’ program.

Our day started early in the field, where we were split into groups. Throughout the day, we rotated through different stations; planting fruits and vegetables, and preparing baskets that the organization sells to keep the program operational.  

“Getting in touch with such a well-organized project and such a cool team of people who are helping society was really amazing.”

Team Feedback

We planted watermelons, celery, beets, and tomatoes alongside agro-technicians and Semear’s trainees. The baskets we assembled were filled with lettuce, onions, cabbage and other fresh produce from their fields.

It was a fun, tough morning, as working in the fields made us appreciate just how easy it is to access fresh produce in any supermarket. We also got the chance to learn some farming basics when we interacted with everyone involved in the Semear program.

“I loved getting my hands dirty and talking with people who are fighting prejudice against those who society feels are not fit to enter the workplace. It was great to meet with supervisors and trainees, and reassure them that they are a good fit for the job market and that they can aspire to do anything. #empowerafulfilledlife”

Team Feedback

The results of the day were incredible: 8000 fruits and vegetables planted in an area covering a little over an acre of land. These plants will produce about 20 tons of produce that will help Semear raise the necessary funds to keep their important work going strong.

“We loved having you during this day and we hope you come back to help with the crop!”

Raquel Monteiro, Semear organizer

Everybody left with a full heart and a sample basket in their hands. We want to thank Semear for the opportunity to collaborate with them and for making our community a better place, while empowering people to live a more fulfilled life.

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